Question for Johns

What do you like or dislike about retailers web sites ? Besides the obvious of product on the web sites that are not really in inventory/available… Now’s your chance to get it off your chest ! [foilhat.gif] :smiley:

A poor search function.

  1. As Melissa already noted, we are johns, not hos.

  2. I tend to run away from websites (of any ilk) that, in order to determine shipping cost, require me to enter my full shipping address (when zip code should suffice) or even worse, billing info (fat chance) before actually placing an order.

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First and foremost, I hate phantom wine stores. That is, websites that don’t tell you the real name of the wine store you are buying from. A recent example is" onclick=";return false; Turns out this is a little dive of a store called Bliwise Liquors.

The other (and maybe this is worse) is those stores that put their distributors’ inventories on their website as though they have the wine. That one in Woburn, MA, at least gives you some idea that this is what they do, but the one in Metuchen, NJ, and now a few more right around my area are doing this without giving you any idea this is what they do. They also tend to have poor response time if you try to order a wine.

What I like is clear and up-to-date inventory listings.

A reasonable front page that doesn’t try to cram everything in there is also a good thing.


Not a dealbreaker at all, but it’d be nice to have the correct label of the wine next to it’s description.

Correct inventory! Too many places seem to place teaser pricing on wines that they don’t have.

I think KL has the webpage that all other websites should strive for. A really great search function that you can break down repeatedly into different groups. A label with almost each wine. Just easy to look at and easy to search through.

And inventory at each location, may sound like a small thing, but the wines from No. Cal always ship to me faster than the Hollywood store. Best website out there. Also remembers what you have bought in the past and notifies you when they receive a new vintage.

I love a wine store that can almost guarantee me delivery of my wines by the time that they are mature. P.C. [rofl.gif]

Stores that don’t destroy OWC’s or OCB’s