Question for Burg experts

Our tasting group arranged a few years ago to have one barrel made for us by Pierre Yves Colin Morey and we just took ownership of the bottles. It’s a 2006 Hospices de Beaune Mersault Genevrieres Cuvee Baudot. I was wondering what the “cuvee Baudot” designation means. It’s listed on CellarTracker! without the Baudots on the label. Is this a special part of the vineyard or does it just signify that it was vinified separately? Thanks in advance!

As I understand it it means that the vines were given to the Hospices by a Mr(or Ms) Baudot. It would be interesting to know whether it’s vinified separately from the similar holding (i.e both upper and lower Genevrieres) named after Philippe Le Bon.

Baudot is a cuvee (blend) of Meursault Genevrieres -

Les Genevrieres - Dessus - 0.65ha
Les Genevrieres - Dessous - 0.75ha

Thanks for the info. I found out that M. Baudot was an antique dealer in the late 1800s and left the proceeds of his antique collection to the Hospice de Charite in 1880. I guess they honor him with this blend. I wonder how common it is for different parcels of a vineyard to get blended and named in this way in Burgundy.

Great question! And great answers too!
Did you change your avatar to the bottle of 90 Landonne we had at Origin???

J. Morris’ book Inside Burgundy gives a nice summary on pp 313-18 of the Hospices de Beaune wines/holdings…Gary

Actually, that’s a '90 La Mouline, one of the five greatest red wines that have ever passed my lips.