Question about weird Smith Haut Lafitte labels

I recently bought some bottles of 2009 Château Smith Haut Lafitte, and I am suspecting their authenticity because the bottle labels do not match all the other ones that I’ve seen.

The key thing that is different is the omission of “De Graves” from the “Grand Cru Classé De Graves” on the front of the label on the bottles that I received.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a SHL bottle without the “De Graves”.

Does anyone know if the Château actually produces both label types? I don’t want to mention where I got them unless I am sure there is something wrong with them.

Here are photos of my bottle labels:

A couple of very similar 2010 pics on CT:

The 2010 label is the same in CT. Looks like a change after 2008.

An '11 as well.

From their website, their image blurs

Nothing to worry about. Your 2009 labels match mine exactly here in New Zealand which we imported directly.