Question about MonteBello labels

Have a question on Ridge labels.

Has there been a change to the MonteBello labels between the '14 and '15 vintages?

Reason I ask is I just got two '15’s from an auction site delivered and the bottom of the front label (vineyard and address) in addition to the entirety of the back label (both the black and the green) seems to be written in the same font but a darker type (more ink) than the 14’s, 13’s and 12’s (sourced from Ridge).

So, for folks who have MB 15’s ex-winery, are you seeing this as well or is there something funny going on with these two auction bottles?

If it makes any difference, provenance was described as: “Removed from a subterranean, temperature and humidity controlled residential cellar; Purchased at retail”

Any help the board can provide is appreciated.


Maybe you can post a photo so folks can see what you’re talking about?

I can in the morning when I’m at my computer but for those that already have 15’s and earlier vintages to compare to, the change I’m talking about would be pretty evident.

Just seeing if anyone is near their cellar tonight and can put hands on the bottles so that I can either put these bottles away at peace or contact Winebid in the AM.

I didn’t notice a difference…pm me your email and I’ll send you some pics of the '15 I recently recieved from the winery. My '14’s are way under a 7 case stack though …

Classic Winebid description.

I’d love to just once see something like ‘removed from a kitchen pantry where it has sat for the last 20 years’

Hi Aaron,

From what Eric Baugher has told me, Ridge switched to a new label design around this time. The new labels have slightly darker, bolder fonts. Perfectly normal.

Looking at CT label photos the '15 does appear a bit bolder.

Thanks everyone. Will put these bottles away.

2016 is the first vintage I’ll get as part of the collector program so it’s smooth sailing from here.