queenstown nz

I have been to NZ over 20 times but never to Queenstown. Will be visiting friends in Akaroa and then driving to Queenstown for a few days.

Any must see places to see or eat on the way to Central Otago?

Restaurant recco’s in Queenstown would also be greatly appreciated.

Pedro’s House of Lamb is delicious, but casual takeout. Saffron in Arrowtown which is very close is a fantastic high end experience. We also had delicious Indian in town, but can’t recall the name. I do remember walking up to the second floor to enter the restaurant. Looking on line must be the Spice Room.


Fergburger is a great spot for a burger. It gets bloody busy though.

If you are a golfer, play Jack’s point - some of the most incredible views I have ever experienced on a course.

Stop in at the Fairlie bakery for a pie, spend a moment or two in Tekapo as well, such a beautiful lake, if you have time to spare My Aoraki is beautiful.

If you want FergBurger (not worth waiting for imo) call and order on the phone!

The Amisfield restaurant seem to be doing really interesting things, I haven’t had time to visit them yet but it would be first on my list.

A quick recap on a wonderful town. Best meal was at the Lodge Bar-run by Rodd and Gun-great food and small/intimate. Best wine was at Vknow. Let Danny the owner bring the wine-markups only NZ$15 over retail-food also good-smallish also so need to book. Also had a great meal and wines at Bannockburn Hotel-200 or so wines under coravin and prices very sharp.

It seems Central Otago has had a string of warm/dry vintage in even yrs and cool/wet vintages in odd yrs and true to form there was a huge rainstorm while we were there-all vines were netted but only the sparkling grapes had been picked.