QPR daily scotch whiskey

So, back when I had disposable income, I routinely loaded up on Lagavulin 16 to make the days pass by a little more painlessly. But, as time as gone by and inflation has hit the fan, $75 a week in scotch just isn’t going to cut it. Beer has made me fat, and wine I hoard for silly sentimental reasons. Do you all have recommendations for a daily scotch? I prefer mine on the peaty side. I’m not a fan of laphroaig 10 because I feel like I’m licking the floor of the lumber department at Home Depot. I’m not a big fan of bourbon as I find it too sweet. The Glenlivet 12 makes me sad. Thanks!

Benromach 10 maybe?


Johnnie Walker Black Label is the greatest qpr in Scotch whisky. IMO, of course.

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Pinch 15 in a 1.75 is mid 60s around here. Great way to save your special bottles from rapid consumption.

Came here to say Old Pulteney 12 or Tomatin 12 - but wow prices have gone up since I’ve bought any of this!

i’m surprised by this, but not because i know better. just because it’s so ubiquitous / well known. in wine terms, what would this be?

Hmmm. What is your favorite, widely available wine that is consistent over decades/century that sells for $30? Hard for me to come up with a wine or region that is available in every grocery and liquor store in the world in the same price range, for an as consistently excellent product. The only adult beverage that comes to mind that is comparable would be Jameson Irish. And it sells for even less! The skill required to consistently produce oceans of quality whisk(e)y with the same flavor profile over generations cannot be overstated.

Is crop variation in barley comparable to grapes? I suspect t the secret is simply to keep doing what you have been doing.

You are assuming that millions of barrels of the component whiskies are consistent from year to year. They aren’t even consistent from barrel to barrel! And availability of the components changes over the years. Whisky blenders are amazing in their ability to create and maintain a blend over generations of blenders and consumers that tastes consistent using hundreds of whiskies that change from time to time.

I always get Highland Park 12. It runs about $50 though, so not much of a savings.

In that vein, Johnnie W Black Label (and the other big name blended scotches in the same price range, e.g., Ballantines 12 or Chivas 12) is kind of like entry-level NV champagnes from the grandes marques, no? It’s not going to blow anyone’s mind but you can count on getting a reliably decent product year after year for a reasonable price and you can find it pretty much anywhere in the world.

If you spend a few more bucks and go up just one rung in the ladder, Johnnie Walker Green Label is where I think the best value in their whole lineup is, though. You’re getting a 100% malt whisky sourced from Talisker, Caol Ila, Cragganmore, and Linkwood with Green Label.

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You’re not going to get heavy peat, but Monkey Shoulder is delicious and a good value.

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^ This for me but I drink less of it and more wine now.

Caol Ila 12 is good, trying to recall if the retail Bunna 12 is peated or not but recall it a very solid retail bottling

I think you are damning JW Black with faint praise when comparing it to Chivas 12 and Ballantine’s 12 (the old Ballantine’s 17, made when Allied owned the distillery and contained lots of Ardbeg, is the greatest blended whisky ever bottled. In my opinion, but it is also a fact). JW Black is so much more than an entry level whisky. I actually prefer it to JW Green, regardless of price.

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I was going to suggest Ardbeg’s Wee Beastie (5 year old) at around $40.

Another option is Glenrothes Peated Cask Reserve. Also in the $40-$45 range.

that’s pretty good context! thanks.

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Not peaty; but I find Craigellachie 13 Years (Speyside) pretty decent and rather interesting as a casual “anytime” drink. Appears to be in the US$45/bottle range in the US - about the same price here in Metro Manila.

Compass Box Peat Monster?

Big fan of these blended whiskies, especially those at the QPR level, like the Artist Series blend.

Té Bheag is a decent blended malt that is extremely affordable. (About $40 Can at the KGBO so likely at below your $30 level in the Excited States).