QPR Alert--Navarro Whites...New Releases

Just got the summer newsletter booklet. Some killer QPRs, as usual.

2008 Edelzwicker (blend of Riez, Gewurz and P Gris and Muscat Blanc)–$10.75 per bottle if you do a case, plus 1 cent shipping. Otherwise, $13.

2008 Gewurz and Pinot Gris table wines–same pricing as the Edelzwicker and also shipping deal. Otherwise, $13.

For me, this are consistently well made wines and for the price, excellent even more.

Thought I would pass this onto y’all…PS, I have no affiliation with the winery.

Thanks for the tip. Nothin better than grabbing some meats and cheeses … going to Navarro, picking up a bottle of wine and eating/drinking right outside.


Just set yourself an alarm for next year at the same time. Copy this to a Word document and repost it. It’s been true every year forever. I love those people, but I think the last time I actually bought the Edelzwicker it was $8 by the case. The penny shipping sure helps, though.

Thanks to a friend who is on the Navarro list, I can say one of the best values in Cali whites.

the 2007 whites were all outstanding values. Thanks, FMIII

Estate Gewurzt @ $19/btl and $11/split never disappoints.

I dunno about all this luv for Navarro…I dropped out about 5-6-7 yrs ago after many years…they are fine as far as their varietal offerings (yup, that’s an Edelswicker…or whatever) , but nothing I wanted to seek out…price was not necessarily an issue for me, so I was evaluating the wines, less so the QPR.

Ultimately, I concluded this…I gave them a try and felt they were less worthy than others…I see and acknowledge their effort to carve out a folksy/charming niche, and yes I liked some of their offerings, but over a number of years, the quality (with a capital Q) wasn’t there.

My tinfoil suit is on and I’m ready if anyone cares to comment! hitsfan

I had my first Navarro, '07 Estate Gewurzt this past week at a nice restaurant, Hamiltons, in Charlottesville. It was a great match with sauteed crab cakes and smokey shrimp grits. Very good QPR.

Just had the '06 Chenin Blanc. Bone dry, very clean. Great QPR winery for extremely drinkable wines.

I love navarro too. I make annual trip to Navarro in the fall every year. I always buy a few cases of the chardonnay table wine when it comes out. It’s like $9 or something, a great party wine and It sells out very very fast. The late harvest cluster select riesling is one of the greatest dessert wines made by any winery in the USA and a world contender to boot. At $30 for a split it’s a real steal. The regular Edelswicker is simply fabulous for asian food. It has some residual sugar in it that has the effect of throwing gasoline on a fire; it really makes the food pop!