Q: Where is MacDonald?

Received an email today from Wine Exchange that contained a map of To Kalon Vineyard blocks. Was curious since I have never visited MacDonald - where is MacDonald’s plot within To Kalon (assuming Mondavi’s map below is correct)???

I believe their vineyard is right next to Detert.

Brian is right, its the Horton vineyard on the map. Here’s the Historic Vineyard Society registration:



Anyone know how the Semillion grown here is used?

Mondavi makes a To Kalon Semillon.

Interesting. Not knowing the quality of the Semillion, I wonder what it would be like blended with that old vine Sauvignon Blanc that they grow.

The MacDonald’s farm only a small portion of their vineyard. The bulk of the grapes go to Mondavi under long term contract.

A great history of the vineyard is here:

Just S of I-Block, stones throw really.

Don’t believe it’s as a stand alone, however. My understanding is that the Sémillon is blended into the Fumé Blanc Reserve.

I would have said under the Golden Arches.