Putting pressure on marketing and sales staff

I am not sure what to make of this.

I am reminded of a new Yorker cartoon. The sales mgr is looking at a map of pins showing the location of sales staff. It is next to a chart marking downward sales. He says, Sometimes I think I should stick the pins into the salesmen, not the map.

What is it harry Truman said,If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

It seems so odd when the answer to your troubles is right in front of you and yet you choose to overlook it.

What are my troubles?? I didn’t know I had any.

The dude in the article my friend. The dude in the article.

Having repped companies that had unrealistic expectations of how the world worked and having had sales staff, I see both sides of the issue.

When i sold wine with Becky Wasserman, one company said,Well, there are 40 million people on the West Coast so you should be selling a container a month of our wines…An equipment company said, wineries should be replacing their bottling equipment every ten years and there are 10,000 wineries on the West Coast so…I let them go and two years later they came crawling back to me.

On the other hand, I have had people who made promises they could not keep.
But none of us ever worked ourselves into a bad health issue…we already had them! Becky smoked a carton a day it seemed like but made it into her 80s.

I managed sales staffs over the years. Some teams for my employer and then eventually my own team when I had my business. Anyone that got worked up so as to make themselves sick is the result of their internal forces, not likely the employer. All he had to do was quit.

I am reminded of what they about people who post on linked in…they are either 30 and looking for a better job or 55 and looking for their last one. The guy probably freaked out, thinking it’s either this or working night shift at the Bozeman Motel 6.

On the other hand, the guy did a pretty good job in a difficult market and nobody likes training their replacements.

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Should be a shock to nobody that the kids are going to be offered your job. Happens every day.

Agreed, but a bit annoying when you have to train them.