Puligny Demoiselles

I can’t find Demoiselles on the map of Puligny-Montrachet. Is it a part of a larger 1er Cru or am I just going blind?

As a 1er cru it’s located in the Cailleret vineyard and I think abuts Montrachet. The Colin family produces the 1er cru. It is also in Chevalier Montrachet under Jadot’s control.

Forgot about Latour that also produces a Chevalier Demoiselles.

Thanks. I knew it was somewhere in that neighborhood.

Look next to the section of Montrachet in Puligny. It is right after the last part of Caillerets before you get to Montrachet as Gregg has noted. Michel Colin of Colin-Deleger produces some as does Guy Amiot. The name extends into Chevalier Montrachet as a climat of that Grand Cru. Two very different areas however. Puligny Demoiselles and Chevalier Demoiselles.

Thanks, Don. I’m looking at an 2009 offering from Colin-Deleger and knew that he had kept small holdings in Demoiselles, en Remilly and Chevalier–totaling less than 0.7 hectare IIRC.

Beware of premox issues with Colin-Delger.

THIS x 10.

I have some 1996 C-D Demoiselles. Not quite premoxed, but somewhat advanced. IN general, C-D has a lot of premox issues, sadly