PSA>Heads up Rieslingfeier tickets on sale (and JB Becker dinner)

This will sell out quickly and just wanted to give everyone a heads up. I am biased due to my love of German wine but I think this is the best wine event of the year! This year there is both a Grand Tasting and the dinner.

There is also another great Riesling event in NYC - a JB Becker dinner with wines from the 70s through the 2000s!

Thanks for the head’s up. The Becker dinner sounds great. Perhaps I will meet you there.

I will definitely be there, can’t wait. I have had a few of the recent shipment from the 70s and they are all incredible!

Robert, it’s funny there’s no mention of seminars or the Riesling Crawl in your link, unless I missed them, somehow.

No crawl this year.

I do not think their will be seminars. The Grand Tasting replaces the seminars and crawl.

I will be hopefully planning some things around the event!

I really enjoyed the seminars last year, but skipped most of the crawl in anticipation of the Gala dinner. I assume the Grand Tastings will have some discussion as well.

i will try to make this one for sure.

Antonio on Rieslingfeier:

Very cool of him to write the article!

Thanks Robert! Just signed up for the Grand Tasting, the dinner was a bit too much for me last year.

Cool I will hopefully see you there. I know what you mean about the dinner the sheer number of bottles is over-the-top but otherwise it is a great event. I will attempt once again to slow the pace down!

Tell sasha not to bring so much wine :slight_smile:

What session are fellow berserkers signing up for?

VIP here. Definitely will miss the lack of seminar(s), those were always the highlight of the event for me. I WON’T miss the crawl, this approach looks far better

Who is going to the tasting on Saturday and/or the Dinner? I will be at the 11:00 tasting and of course the dinner.

There are still tickets available for the Grand Tasting. The dinner sold out long ago.

I’m in for the Grand Tasting on Saturday afternoon.