PSA: GSO & Billing

To those that use GSO, check your bills. Not saying they are doing anything nefarious, but I have noticed over time a few packages being weighed incorrectly. I finally decided to give a call, the CS rep that I had couldn’t have been nicer/more accommodating, but she seemed to think that when the packages scan too quickly things happen. I had a single bottle (call it 4 lbs all in) charged as 32 - she fixed it and one other I noticed, but I will from now on be checking.

I’ve found many errors on weights with GSO, but sometimes they’re in my favor. Have you tried inputting the weights for each box in the appropriate field? I was doing that for a while, but I kept forgetting to check and see if they ever overrode my weights, or if they went with them. Then I stopped putting the weights in. It’s a decent service most of the time. When they’ve broken bottles a couple of times but didn’t tell me about it for 4 or 5 days, those are the times I wanted to stop using them. FedEx and UPS have done the exact same thing though.

Thanks for the heads-up on the weight. IMO their service has gone way downhill over the past year and I have stopped using GSO unless I have absolutely no other choice. Have had too many complaints from our customers about delivery issues - wine not being delivered when suppose to be, wines being left at the door without signature and in hot weather, wines being delivered in old vehicles with windows open on hot days, etc. Plus they recently broke bottles in a full case order and still tried to deliver the damaged wine to the customer like nothing happened. Just not professional.

Sadly I’ve noticed the same thing. We distribute a little to restaurants in LA and shipping in the case box (with tape reinforcement) has been fantastic. I have largely stopped using them for anything else, but nice service in a pinch. I wish I could get a same day pick up from FedEx Ground

Have you tried VinLux? I use them for California retail/restaurant deliveries - great service and their trucks are temperature controlled.

I have had the same problem. Usually it is not off by a factor of 8, but it is off. I thought it might be error, but I never found one that they billed as less than the actual, so there is something going on.

On the bright side, there is a spot to put in the wt. If you put it in a pound or 2 light they don’t seem to catch it, so you can make up any over-billing you might have missed.