PSA for butter-heads: Bordier in NYC

As per Bordier’s official fb post today:

Bordier Butters available at Le District New York! #Ledistrict

Wonder what the prices are there. I picked up two “logs” meant for restaurant use here in LA for $12 each. Each log is about 300 grams if I remember correctly.

Wow, thanks for the heads up Ramon!

Not showing on their online grocery. I’ll try and stop there tonight if I have enough time on the way to dinner.

Gonna mule myself some when I’m there is a couple of weeks

I called and lady at the other end said they’re all same sizes for $10 to $20, depending on the flavor.

Luckily I commute through the WTC hub daily and only have to go about 5 minutes out of my way to hit Le District!

My wife works in the WFC and she went to Le District last week to buy the butter . The problem - the butter was out of date. She pointed this out to the staff who were not aware of it. Hopefully, they will rectify the situation soon.

Bordier has +/- 2 week expiration in Paris shops. I ignore the sell by date. Butter is one of the few things that seems to suffer no ill effects from freezing.

Agree with Mark on Bordier having no ill effects from freezing.

On every trip to Paris, on our last day we would venture into Le Grande Epicerie and buy 4 to 6 packs to fit into a small zippered cold-insulated bag to slot into our suitcase back to the States and the last pack would be consumed after a couple of months at home. Texture is just as it was and butter still taste as good as the first pack.

Bought the Salted version and the Olive Oil & Lemon version the other day along with some good bread. Delicious stuff. Expensive, but delicious. Can you get it elsewhere in NYC?

BTW, there were about eight different flavors of which about half were in stock. Everything ranged from $9.50 for 125g to $10.50 for 125g.

Try the oignon Roscoff if they have it. Price should be moderately higher than the semi-sel, but it’s mind blowing on a baguette. I also frequently used it to sear off Cote-de-boeuf, as well, but not sure that’s the best use of the butter in the US :slight_smile:

We are in Paris now and Bordier doux and Demi sel are on the daily breakfast buffet. They also have Bordier yogurt which is incredible. It is the best I’ve ever tasted. Thanks for the heads up

Bordier in LA? Where?

Epicurus Gourmet

Shhh…All kidding aside though, Alan, if you haven’t been it’s a must. Get on their mailing list so you can order truffles and caviar in advance too.

thanks, sent an email.

When you check out make sure to mention to Hillary that you’re a Berserker.

If still looking for Bordier in NYC, I saw a ton of them at The Tin Building (South Street Seaport) yesterday. Prices for the halves from $9 to $13.