Psa: envoyer

The 14 Clos village is absolutely stunning for $40.


For now, or lay down a few years?

Good now and later imo.


I opened one a couple weeks ago which was fantastic, even better than the 13 which is fabulous.

can’t find it on their website…mail order?

The offer was the morning email blast

These are made in a slightly bojo/glou glou style. If you like that, they’re great. If, like me, you don’t…eh.

Still available if interested

Greg, can you please translate for me. Thanks

I think he’s talking about Beaujolais.

Not Greg, but yes this borders on gamay flavors, a border on which we really DO need a wall

Thanks, guys. This was enough to get me to go dig that email out of the Trash bin and request a few.

Neal has it right, it borders on Gamay. (I certainly didn’t mean Boris Johnson.) I don’t like Gamay, so I’ve never loved these wines. But that’s a purely personal preference and not a judgment on the wines - if you like Gamay, this is your thing.

Philip the Bold was right.

In for 1 of the 2014s. Also picked up some 2011 of the same wine from envoyer last week.

Thanks to all of the kind and prompt responders for the translation… What is the major difference in a “Gamay” style?