PSA Chevalier Fine Wines- Chicago

Anyone get a recent delivery from them?
I placed an order 1/14 it was supposed to ship 3/8. Kevin the owner is not responding to emails And it looks like the website is down.
Ruh roh

I never did any business with them but from searching on Yelp:

Seems others are having similar experiences as you since 2017. Better start that cc charge back.

I have purchased successfully and received what I ordered from them in the past. Chargeback already started.


Yes, I, too, have had positive experiences, though it took a few calls/emails. Sad to hear that they seem to be going down the tubes.

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update to the PSA. I called 3 times yesterday and on the third call Kevin picked up. Very friendly. He was just going to email me…wines were shipped Wednesday. He provided a valid FedEx tracking number.

Good to know!

Happy ending

I have known Kevin for 10+ years. He is in my Burgundy tasting group and I have travelled to Burgundy with him. I have never had a problem with any of my purchases from him. He works very hard to make his clients happy. However, he has a very small staff of part-time people so he touches everything from the technology to the shipping. He also travels to buy cellars, visit winemakers, lead tastings and manage client cellars. The result is great prices and access to great older wines. The downside is that he is sometimes difficult to reach.

After all these years I have had to learn to just relax and wait for him to get back to me.