PSA: Chambers Street wines just received the 2009 Lapierre Cuvee Marcel- NOW GONE

Quantities are pretty limited.

This special Cuvée, produced only in the best years, is made from his 100 year old vines, mostly on the Cote de Py.

Haven’t tasted but I’m all in.

Don’t know if you read my note but this stuff is well worth the money. Great wine that will need to be cellared.


Only 3 bottles left :frowning:

I thought I got those last 3 bottles 10 minutes ago

Jb- No, I did not see your note. Thanks for the heads up. Rarely do I make case purchases without tasting a wine, but I figured there wasn’t much risk with this producer…knowing I enjoyed the 09 Morgon…Purchase was a little sentimental too…Everything I’ve read about Mr. Lapierre makes me sad that I never had the chance to meet him…I intend to share these bottles with peeps I think will really appreciate the wine and the efforts of the winemaker.

Didn’t get to see the price, how much were they?


Thanks for the heads up, I grabbed 6. With a case discount I think they were $34.

From Cleveland?

You’re welcome. Be sure to post a note when you taste one. :slight_smile:

$36.99 before case discount.

Vinopolis has it on pre-arrival for a bit more.

Does anyone know how many cases of this wine were produced?

I’ll start searching now.

Is this is the MMVII? I bought a 6-pack yesterday in SF, $41/btl, and there are 4-5 more cases left @ Terroir.

Glenn, I believe this one should be labeled MMIX, not MMVII (the 2007)

Peter - I took these right out of the delivery truck on Folsom St yesterday.

[scratch.gif] Don’t catch your drift, Glenn. MMVII = 2007, while MMIX = 2009, the title of this thread. There are Cuvée Marcels from both years.

You’re correct, Peter! But you KNEW that~!

Glenn, FWIW, if I were buying the 2007 vintage (because of the fragile nature of these wines), I’d want to know the provenance of the bottles. Where were they before you took them off the truck?

Kim, please stop flattering me! Can’t stand it flirtysmile (not)!

Kim, please stop flattering me! Can’t stand it > flirtysmile > (not)!

Ok, would you rather I charm you with my knowledge of phase transitions, high-resolution electron spectrometry, and surface physics? [tease.gif]

I mean I was @ Terroir yesterday while the wines were being delivered from Kermit Lynch, I helped open the packing crates. I bought a 6-pack for $41/btl, definitely MMVII.

They have more left too.