PSA: Burbank, CA Costco has Chateau Musar

2007 Chateau Musar 750’s priced at $36.99. They had some several weeks ago that sold out over a 2-3 week period. Looks like they just reloaded as the bin was full.

Not sure how large Musar’s annual production was in '07, but still surprised to see it at Costco.

Great PSA. Thank you! (now … to find a way to get to the Burbank Costco …)

Westside/Culver city and Van Nuys Costco are also loaded up with 07 Musars.

Color me jealous. My local Costco (New Orleans) has a complete and utter crap selection. Might as well be shopping at a chain grocery store.

I live and drink vicariously through you!

In all honesty…it’s about the going price for Musar if you buy it immediately on release. I’ve seen lots of places start at $40 or $45…but from people that are sticking to SSRP it’s more in line with those prices at this Costco.

Musar is usually $50 - $60 over here.

does anyone know how '07 compares to other vintages?

Cellar Tracker ratings from 2016 range from 88 - 91 points with 14 tasting notes for 2007 Musar.

I’ve had the '07 twice, and both bottles were…weird. One had a huge amount of VA, even for Musar, and I forget what was wrong with the other one, but after the second strike, I decided to pass on the vintage. I’m a huge fan of Musar, so it isn’t just that I didn’t understand the style. It’s quite possible that I was unlucky enough to get 2 bad bottles in a row, so I’m interested to know what other people think of this vintage, but I also recommend opening a bottle before deciding to load up.

Looks like I will need to pop one this weekend when I can give it a couple of hours in the decanter before trying.

Musar is closer to $50 now. The old prices used to be closer to $35-37 but that was some vintages ago. This price is a darn good price for current retail. I do have some put have not had the chance to open one yet.

I have never tried it before so I only bought 2, is the 2007 ready?

Time to visit our Costco…

Never tried it either so I can’t answer your question but I was wondering how many bottles were left. Did you go to the Burbank Costco?

Van Nuys and I would say at least two cases.

Thank you!

Irvine district had none. Anybody else see it in OC?

Happened by La Habra yesterday…had to stop in and check…none.

Burbank looks to have 2-3 cases still.

Irvine Costco has had 2010 Montus Madiran in recent weeks. For fans of other great and highly esoteric imports. It was $23 or so.

I’ve popped one, it was surprisingly approachable at such a young age.

Thanks for this. I picked-up a bottle a few weeks ago, myself, but haven’t opened it yet. I’ve enjoyed this wine in the past, albeit a different vintage (or two?).

… as for the '07 Musar: I made the Van Nuys location three bottles lighter last week. Will post when I pop one.

… will have to get into that Montus soon — it’s a wine that can age beautifully (and, arguably, needs the age — hence your “surprisingly,” I suppose).