PSA: aged Chinon

Couly dutheil
Gordons wines sent an email with a bunch of older large/medium and regular
formats, anyone interested, I’ll forward them the list. 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s…

Does Gordon’s ship to Texas?

Don’t know…

Interested, pmed you

Question - are they starting to counterfeit these yet?!?!? :slight_smile:


K&L has a few too.

Just popped a bottle of the 2001 base cuvée tonight, which K&L has for 22.99. My notes:

Seriously good value for money. Nose is dark woodsy perfume, violets, purple fruit. Just a twinge of cat pee funk that blew off after a couple hours. Hits the palate slow at first, but builds momentum. Medium fruity Chinon and approachable immediately. Worn leather, sandalwood, dusty road tannins, good acid that is just a touch shy of seamless, with a core of raspberry fruit and just a hint of red pepper. More velvety than one would expect from an entry level bottling, but finish stops short of being impressive. Can’t wait to try the crescendo. (91)

I bought a 6 pack of 1982 a few years back from a local dealer (competitor to Gordon’s). For the price it was interesting as a birth year wine.

K&L has a case (minus two) of the 1989 Couly-Dutheil Chinon La Batonnie Madeleine for $60 each. I’ve consumed 12 of these over the years and each one was enjoyable. Gotta like that funk though.