Producers who only make one wine

An interesting (to me anyway) thought.

Can anyone name producers who only make a single wine.

Screaming Eagle came to mind, any others (or does Screagle even qualify)?

Petrus wouldn’t qualify for example, as it would come under Moueix.

(I already posted this on another forum but we didn’t get too many)

Continuum comes to mind.

The Crying Chicken makes a Savvy Blank now…

Opus One.

Opus One has their second label…a non vintage meritage under the name “Overture”.


Galardi Terre di Lavoro?
Jasmin Cote Rotie?

Wow. Good question.

Chateau Grillet
Thomas (if not for Acme)
Zuani (though they do make an oaked version of the same wine too)
Villa Pistoria, a 1 ha Riesling estate in Bad Bergzabern (they do make a cheaper Riesling too in some vintages)

There must be a few in Bordeaux or the Rhone or Spain? Priorat?
I love the idea of focusing on a single wine from a single terroir. Difficult financially, but admirable.


Doesn’t Salon also make Delamotte?

They’re under the same ownership…can’t recall if off-vintage Salon is used for Delamotte, hence the question mark.

Cantine dell’Angelo in Campania ONLY makes one wine: Greco di Tufo. No lesser or Riserva versions, just one.

Drinkward Peschon

Seven Stones

one white grand cru and one red grand cru only: Bonneau du Martray (Corton Charlemagne and Corton)

What about whoever brought the 1945 La Tache to the Napa Offline? He might have only made that one.

That was an 08 Banshee SC $20 pinot. Truth be told, it was good QPR.

Hobel, checkerboard, fortunate son.

Casa Piena, gallica Sonkin cellars


I don’t think that will count. Maggie Harrison does two different Lillian Syrahs along with Antica Terra Pinots and now Rose.