Process to move winery to new location

Hi All,

I’m moving my winery from Livermore, CA to Lodi and in filling out the TTB paperwork, I feel that I need more than just an amendment (a given) though it does not call out any attachments/drawings on the new building layout. At Unified, I talked to a TTB representative and they (as I recall) made it sound like you only submit an amendment (no drawings) and bing-bang-boom your good to go. Seems too easy.

I would like to hear from others what paperwork you had to file so as to have this quickly processed by the TTB.

I recall needing a statement on when the transition will occur to have overlapping compliance? May be just the bond. Don’t recall the specifics, ugh. Too much information, not enough gray matter.

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Okay, nothing like stumbling upon your own answer after posting.

It looks like I need form F512025 - establishing a new wine premise + amendment + bond.


Definitely 5120.25, 5000.29, 5000.30, 5000.18, probably a few others too. I’m pretty sure you don’t need a 5100.24 again. The ABC will be the limiting reagent, with regards to the number of forms you need to fill out and the amount of time it will take to transfer your license.

Have you done Permits Online with the TTB yet? Confusing at first, but overall I think it’s a time saver.

Good luck!

Thanks Ed.

The TTB’s permits online looked to be the best option to me as well. Unfortunately for me, they are only processing new permits and amendments to permits originating from the online process at this time (according to their web site). So hopefully when they roll out the online system for pre-existing wineries, all will benefit.

For anyone who is considering or in the process of moving, the forms (x2) I ended up filing are:

  1. application for amendment (seems redundant when submitting a basic permit)
  2. basic permit (change of address) - as serial number + 1 (2 in my case)
    a) site drawings
    b) copy of original permit
    c) no need to resend articles or org (for LLC) or other documents on file (signature authority, …)
  3. environmental information
  4. water quality considerations
  5. dealer registration
  6. wine bond
  7. cover letter (not called out specifically, thought polite)

I’ll report back how fast and if additional data was needed so, there can be a record for others that may be going though this directly (i.e. without the help of a compliance company).

I just called them up, told them what my intention was and asked for a laundry list, which they then emailed to me.