Price help on a used Vinotheque

I am considering purchasing a used Vinotheque 500QT. It is about 12 years old and still running but I’m assuming it’s going to need the cooling unit replaced in the not to distant future. Asking price is $800. Is that fair? Replacement cooling unit would cost $1,300 when it is needed.

Thanks for the responses!

I have something similar, I believe a Ritz 550QT. I believe the cooling unit can’t be replaced easily like a whipserkool unit since the whole cooling unit is integrated into the cabinet like a refrigerator.
Who gave you that quote? Only refrigerator type businesses can repair these units.

I have the exact same issue. Just bought a Vinotheque cabinet for $350 ( 550 btl). I am hoping I can either find someone who could repair the unit/compressor when it goes or figuring out a way to convert it to a slide in cooling unit at some point. I haven’t had any luck searching on line so I figured I am about to start cold calling refrigerator repair people to get their take. Interested if anyone has successfully repaired or converted one of these old units in the recent past.

I got mine repaired from a cooling guy. He had a sensor to check where the leak was coming from and ended up having a leak on the metal pipe on the evaporator tray. The repairman bypassed the pipe since the QT models also has an electric evaporator. Ended up being only $450 to fix.

If the cooling plate inside the cabinet needs to be replaces, the repairman was quoting like $1-1.5K…
I don’t think the QT models can be converted into slide-in cooling unit.

I contact Vinotheque directly. They made it seem that replacement was the only option and it was $1350. Sounds like some of you have had success with repairing.

What did they mean by replacement?