Prepping some wines for the weekend...Raveneau/Krug/Buisson-Charles/Faiveley

Anyone have these of late? I know the Rav is rockin cuz I just had it a few months ago…been 8yrs(really?) since I had the Faiveley…never have had Buisson-Charles, but HUGE fan of En Remilly…and well…Krug is Krug! 164…best Krug ever??? :thinking: Just the wife and I by the sea…should be fun!



That looks great for Saturday. What’s on deck for the two of you on Sunday? :wink:

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Nope, but would love to hear about the 08 Faiveley

Killer lineup. I had a Mag of 164 recently that was superb but still oh so young.

Very interested in your impression of the Buisson-Charles. I think their wines are just awesome and still kinda-sorta reasonable.

Awesome lineup Buzz! Had the 164 and Buisson Charles in the last few months. Both drinking really well


2008 Faiveley is my favorite Faiveley vintage, seining very well now. I’ve not had the corton, but have called the Beze as Fourrier several times :grimacing::grimacing:

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Looking forward to the notes. Enjoy!


That’s high praise coming from you

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Ha! Faiveley’s 08s consistently remind me of Fourrier’s 13s because the nose is spot on but the palate has a slightly mineral note that’s unusual tor Fourrier other than 2013.

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If it were me, gatorade and aspirin. :slight_smile:

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that Raveneau has a cracked wax capsule. Better find something else and send it to me.

Ha…that’s cuz I chipped it away, and cut the foils on the others…hence “Prepping”! :grin:

of course. I was riffing off the Dauvissat thread . . . Enjoy.

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Buisson-Charles makes a very traditional style of Meursault. The wines can be somewhat shy and closed when young, but age very well. I hope that you like the wine. I do.

First bottle for lunch…corked! But really only slightly on the nose…still enjoyable!

Consolation prize…GORGEOUS!!!


That Leflaive 2010 Puligny has always shown very well for me. I’m down to my last bottles from a six pack.

Really drinking well…VERY youthful with a lot of lemon tart sours…honeycomb, dry extract, chalky minerals…little sharp, not as balanced as the Raveneau…but really nice for an aged village.

Interesting note, I ordered the wine, and clearly pointed it out to our server, wines are numbered, I went to the restroom and when I came back, she had half the cork out of the bottle when I noticed it was the Clavoillon! I stopped her saying that was not the wine I ordered, but will take it for same price? The village was $270, the 1er $425 I believe…she took the bottle back to the manager…I was thinking he would just let us have the bottle and honor the price, it was their mistake, but he came back out with the village. I asked what he’s going to do with the partly opened 1er, and he said probably use it for training with staff?? Ok …the village was great anyway!

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Still a lot of crunchy youth in this…not that expressive…iron fist velvet glove thing…very pretty wild red berry fruit with tilled strawberry field, dried flower florals, red licorice dryness, sandalwood spice…racy tart finish with just tad bit of sous bois showing…not really showing very Grand Cru right now…in need of more time. Drinking rest of bottle right now next day… tasty, yet uninspiring. 91pts

Maybe it’s the weather??

I had the 2010 Faiveley Corton Clos des Corton earlier this week. It was double decanted 4 hours ahead. the wine is pretty open and forthcoming, yet a tad young still. Ripe dark fruits, broad, with tannins still evident but not obtrusive. A pleasure, but comes across to me as slightly chunky (although we had it with 2010 Faiveley Latricieres and Mazy, so it might have been partially chunky by comparison). If I had any, I’d give it at least another 3-5 years before trying again.

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