Premox is still with us big time

Some bottles we had over the last month !

  • V Dauvissat Chablis Preuses 2002 : premoxed
  • PYCM Meursault Poruzots 2010 : advanced
  • PYCM Corton Charlemagne 2010 : premoxed ( 2010 St Aubin en Remilly from PYCM was superb , go figure )
  • Raveneau 2005 Chablis Monts Mains : premoxed
  • 2010 Criots Batard Montrachet Fontaine Gagnard : premoxed.
  • 2007 Puligny Montrachet Domaine Leflaive : advanced

And then a lot of 2008’s that were way too young…

This is still a minefield . I know that a LOT of 2005 white Burgundies are going to be advanced or premoxed ( confirmed by the Burghound ) . But now some 2010’s ? Too early to say but caveat emperor .

I still remain amazed that prices escalated at pace over the last 2 decades.

Yep, we had a Remoissenet 2010 Meursault Poruzots yesterday which was totally advanced.

I have been moving through my white burgundy. At this point 2010 is my youngest. I watch CellarTracker for any notes of pending doom. It may be too late by then, but I keep my cellar at 51-53 so maybe I have a few months leeway.

Had a perfect 2010 Boillot CC 375 this week.

Recent premox wines -
2004 Leflaive Chevalier Montrachet
2007 Leflaive Chevalier Montrachet
2008 Pernot Bienvenues Batard Montrachet

Sad and disturbing.

I’m sorry to hear these reports. I like some others producers at least as much as PYCM but often opted to buy his wines because I thought they had a better premox record and I could cellar them. I’m probably not the only one.

Very. Leflaive is unfortunately the poster child for premox. I broke down and bought 6 bottles of 2014 1’ers but i plan on drinking them very young.

I can’t buy Leflaive or anything with Gagnard in the name. Update the wiki!

I hear you Alan, I felt kinda dirty buying the 6 I did.

I can only conclude that it must be a tiny percentage who buy these expecting to age them.

I now just buy village and premier cru level and drink them within 5-6 years of vintage date. The wines at those levels don’t seem to need extended aging in recent years anyway.

I am shocked that the 2010 PYCMs were premoxed. I guess we’ll see this year at Don’s tasting. I have a few bottles of 2010 PYCM.

I have not opened any 2010 recently but 3 bottles of 04 Chevalier Montrachet and 2 bottles of the 04 Batard Montrachet had no signs of being advanced and had room to develop.

I’m surprised by the PYCM. I’ve drunk a lot (of their cheaper) stuff and back to 2007 and never had a problem. Fingers crossed.

The thing about PYCMs is the very high sulfur levels used. I’ve heard that he’s lowered the sulfur levels in recent vintages, but I recently had one of his 15 St Aubins that was quite sulfury…enough that I passed on a second glass.

I love PYCMs, but if they premox then that and sulfur makes a pretty small drinking window. Perhaps these premox reports are outliers? Or maybe the sulfury 15 I had was, or both?

they are now using Diam so…that might help the situation.

Also, had a 2012 Raveneau MdT that was advanced about 2 weeks ago in Europe.

I had a slightly advanced 2010 PYCM Corton Charlemagne few weeks ago and a brilliant 2010 PYCM Meursault Perrieres two days ago.

Similar, though I do buy some GC in Chablis given price and a slightly more optimistic view on premox.

PYCM’s Meursault Perriers is a better wine than the CC IMO.

Could it be the botrytis in 10 combined with an awkward phase around year 7? In 08 it was sometimes very difficult to tell the difference between slightly advanced vs botrytis. I didn’t care for 08 Chablis a couple of years ago at the premox tasting but I tasted some 08 Raveneau Mdt a couple of months ago that seemed more lively than the 2010 version on back to back nights. A very different wine than what I remember from 2 years ago.

I’m in the camp that feels white burgundy may go through an awkward or closed phase sometimes around year 7 only to reopen around year 10.