Premier Brew Coffee and Tea

Folks, we need to start out with some caffeine, to keep lacking focus and get jittery enough to handle all the deals coming your way, so let’s start with some coffee and tea from a company with a wine geek name!

Premier Brew Coffee and Tea

30% off regular pricing for all coffee & tea. $4 flat rate shipping in continental US.

We created a private page for Berserkers and all prices reflect the 30% discount.

To order:

  1. Go to
  2. Login using username: wine password: berserker
  3. For full product list click the “coffee & tea” heading at the top of the page.

[thumbs-up.gif] Haha… nice touch.

Well, tried that log-in info on 2 browsers, showing as invalid. Not that I need I more coffee.

Oh, wait, did I hear someone say that I don’t need any more wine, either?


The username/password didn’t work.


Did anyone get in? I keep getting an “incorrect password” message. Its says to wait 30 seconds – but it doesn’t reset. I tried with and without the “space” before 3. And no, my capslock is not on.

I don’t know you, but this statement strikes me as outrageous. You clearly need more wine or you wouldn’t be reading a wine message board amIright?

They worked for me…

+1 Can’t get in

Not working here either.

Did I say that I said it? [soap.gif]

the login is WINE and the password is BERSERKER. Not 3. That was step 3.

Guys, I just took off the password protection for the products page in case there are issues with multiple logins… I tested it and it was working, but to avoid hassles I’ll just make it open.

I edited the first post so that it shows step 3 on its own line - that should fix it.

What about editing the name of the store… [wink.gif]

Just to clarify, you no longer need to login – the entire site is open.



Thanks I’m in now.

One quick question: will I get in trouble shipping 15-year aged Oolong-dong across state lines? [snort.gif]

Grabbed some of the Ethiopian and Guatemalan coffee, can’t wait to try them.

Love this offer and grabbed some tea.

The shopping cart was very frustrating though. Could not edit amt.


Andrew – Sorry about that… I’ll be looking into the shopping cart issue today.

Thanks for the support folks! My wife and I started this company about a year ago, but just recently got the online side up and running. I roast all the coffee, usually the day it’s shipped. We focus on sourcing coffee/ tea that shows unique character and complexity - much like wine. Hope you all enjoy!

And yes, it’s Premier BREW, not Cru, as the title suggests… [cheers.gif]