Pre Berserker Day Shout Outs -- What are you excited about?

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I was at my 2 case max until I saw the Sabelli offer, and I’m likely to pick up some Violin tomorrow…


I’m excited to explain to the wife how the credit card balance went that high when I kept telling her that BD15 was tomorrow.

Apply liberally to affect areas. Repeat hourly



This is Berserker Day, there are no maximums.


This is such a load of BS. I sort of decided to buy a few and mostly sit this one out.

So far, $2k in.


you sick bastard!! well done.

budget blown by 4x and thats before the main show starts tomorrow.

BD is the ultimate wine FOMO experience!

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Hey you’re going to make people think I was one of the cheaters with whatever was going on in the preview forum!

I did a new post for Perkins HARTER because I have meaning to write something for awhile. Needless to say I am extremely about these wines:

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Is jasper hill participating?

Good to know, @Uli_K! I’ve got a bunch more coming from BD15 and looking forward to every one of them. Hope you found some newbies and favorites this year, too!

Yes, I’m pretty confident you’ll be happy. So much passion in every Prima Materia bottle. Newbies for me this year are Perkins Harter and Matthiasson (although it feels very weird to say that about the latter).

What bottles of Prima Materia did you decide order?

Any particular faves?

(Asking because I bought a case on BD15, and Pietro kindly agreed to let me fill it out later.)

There is some sangiovese on the Underground Cellars liquidation.

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For me it’s the Sangiovese and Nebbiolo. Depends on what you like though, Pietro takes you on a tour of Italy by way of Lake County. You can check out the notes from my newbie review here: Prima Materia | The Italian Connection **OFFER CLOSED** Thanks Everyone! - #2 by Uli_K

Going into summer, I’d also consider the Negro Amaro. And the Grenache is a sleeper hit.

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Ah yes - I have a bunch of the Sagrantino planning to spend maybe 4-5 years in the wine fridge. It’s powerful stuff and I’m obsessed with Sagrantino. Possible to decant it now for several hours, too. (The Katechon blend is pretty big, too.)

Aglianico and Mourvèdre - don’t miss them!

I’ll know more after this year’s mixed cases arrived. Definitely want to try the … um … everything. :grin:

I have both the Sagrantino and the Mourvèdre stashed away, but haven’t tasted them yet. Maybe towards the end of the year…

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I really appreciate your notes on the Prima Materia wines for BD15, @Uli_K . Very thoughtful and vivid, they gave a real insight into the bottles. It can be hard to wander outside one’s comfort zone without them!