Power tasting the ‘21 Myriad line-up

I had a hydraulic breakfast this morning tasting through the entire 2021 Myriad line-up with Mike and Leah. Coming off a cold my nose wasn’t fully engaged but my plalate held up. 16 wines in about 35 minutes. Ready, go!

2021 ToKalon - A little reduction, Dark fruit, cassis, restrained power, mocha very very tannic, wound up tight, shove these to the back of the cellar while you enjoy the Steltzner, Lewelling, GIII, Crane etc…

2021 Round Pond - Much lighter bodied than the Tok, reminiscent of prior Round Ponds with red fruit and lively acidity,

2021 Steltzner - Pure power, purple passion, really tasty, open for business now.

2021 Rutherford - A likely one-off with sweeter red fruit, nice mouthfeel very easy drinking

2021 Bourne - Wowsers, great power, depth, minerality, acidity, this neighborhood kills it with Dr Crane, Las Piedras, Bourne, Pellet. As disappointed as I was when this block of Hayne Vineyard was ripped up and replanted to Cabernet I’m really impressed with what it’s now producing.

2021 Napa Valley - A traditional take of Myriad NV blue dominated but red peeking through, loaded palate, big oak signature.

2021 Lewelling elle - From entry to finish, pure pleasure, dark red fruited, lovely texture, wonderfully balanced.

2021 GIII - Surprisingly red fruited, great balance, chalky tannins

2021 Empyrean - Take it up a notch, wonderful depth, powerful finish

2021 Dr Crane - Wet rocks, black fruit, more rocks, spice, big tannin, long finish

2021 Elysian - Softer entry than the Crane, sweet dark fruit, with red edges, polished, long enjoyable finish

2021 Rarefied Air - Dark fruited, easy drinking, needs to evolve a bit.

2021 Bennett Valley Syrah - Easy drinking, nice mix of fruit

2021 Jemrose Syrah - Iron, red meat, restrained fruit

2021 Vivio 50% Whole Cluster - Fuller more complete, expressive blue fruited, roasted meat.

2021 Las Madres - Loads of purple goodness, another winner in a long distinguished line of Las Madres Syrahs

Then I had to go back to work. :slightly_frowning_face:


Brian, this sounds like it was a difficult task to have to power through all of these wines before work but glad you were able to muster through! Well done and thanks for the notes. Mike and Leah are really nice people and I was glad to meet them last year. :wine_glass: :wine_glass:

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Wham, bam, thank you ma’am! Was definitely different. They were prepping the bottles, making sure there’s no cork taint, for a critic tasting. Glad to be included, I miss being able to drop by the winery in the morning every week and barrel tasting.

Does anyone know when they will be releasing the Elysian Crane? Or did I miss it?

Back in January!

crap. I have some '21 Empyrean but must’ve totally missed the Elysian.

Oh well, I have a bunch of older vintages…