Here comes an all-time french classic from me. I posted it already several times, but the guys loved it soo much yesterday at my 2008-Riesling-Tasting that I have to poste it again.



Thx Martin, this looks yummy and easy, now on my list.

One question - how much butter are you using? Looks like an entire stick, or 113 grams.

Just around 20-30grams.

BTW, you have to find the perfect mix of vinegar and cream. You have to the taste the vinegar in the sauce. Later with the chicken, the rich chicken flavor absorbs the vinegar flavor.

Got it, thx.

have made Martin’s recipe many times. Outstanding.

Any suggested work around not having tarragon vinegar? Could I just use white wine vinegar and increase the amount of tarragon in the recipe?

Specialty infused products become like single use devices in my kitchen, so I’ve move away from stocking them.

White vinegar works too. Fair to say the tarragon vinegar gives more depth in the sauce.

We love this one.


Hey, there you are!

I have never done this and will try your recipe!

Always great to see you post!