Postcards from OTB

I still look at the WB threads daily in my retirement. I like to see what Tom Hill is posting about. Also the Asylum and the fun stuff there.

I’ve always been a big dreamer…in my sleep at night. I still have many vivid dreams of farming and harvest. All my dreams take place at Eaglepoint where I dedicated 30 years of my farming life and learned the craft with the help of John Scharffenberger. My dreams are always in specific blocks and situations that still seem so real.

I’m certainly struggling with retirement. I’m comfortable with my decision to stop farming. I knew it was time to stop. The young guy who replaced is doing a great job and I hear from him a couple of times a month. The foreman I made wine with, I miss too. We text weekly. He and his wife are in our will to take Zip if anything happens to us.

Lynne and I are on our way home from our annual trip to Zihuatanejo MX. It was nice to get warm for 2 weeks while there’s 3+ feet of snow in our back yard in Lakeside AZ.



Congratulations on retirement; maybe you can do some vineyard consulting in AZ?

Say hi to Andy and Red. :slight_smile:

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Enjoy your retirement Casey. Thanks for checking in often.