post cv wines

Apologies if this topic has been covered already, but having recently recovered from a rather nasty case (asthma as major complication) I thought it might be worth a brief discussion.

First, I am fortunate not to have any major olfactory or other effects; however, I do have the slightest metallic sensation with certain wines now. These will be brief.

My first night back in drinking form, wife and family wanted Japanese and so I opened a 2004 Boxler Sommerberg pinot gris GC. Arguably even New World pinot grigio would have satisfied me after three weeks in the hole, but this really hit the spot. Honeyed, waxy, intensely floral, glycerine. Sweet to the nose and mouth yet technically dry in the way Alsace can be. And really long. A real mineral sense, though in hindsight it might have been metallic. I’m not sure I can think of a better accompaniment for raw tuna and salmon.

Next night, wife’s pork roast and a 1994 Pesquera “Janus” Gran Reserva ribera del duero. Of course I considered riesling, but then I remembered the quote “the first duty of wine is to be red.” Words to live by. Anyway, this wine was at a beautiful spot in its evolution. Silky. Veered more toward rioja than ribera, cherry vanilla albeit without all the oak. Again, though, the slightest annoying metallic on the back end.

Night three, I grilled some skinny but flavorful ribeyes. Sociando Mallet 1996. Obviously. I don’t believe I’ve ever had the 1996 SM, and it was a winner. Really nice point in its evolution, though maybe more advanced than I would have expected (in a good way of course). Cassis aplenty. Somewhat herbal, but not really “green”. Had I not known I might have guessed a slightly older classified Pauillac. This has the class if not the power of the 1990 I had fairly recently. And no metallica here. So happy to still have a 3L in tow for the right crowd!

Am I nuts with the metallic thing? Is my palate otherwise shot? In any event, great to be back!

I have heard other folks report the metallic issue post COVID. It does go away though.

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Thanks for the tasting notes, Kelly! I pray that your recovery is complete.

Having said that, I do wonder whether certain wines will escape the omnipresent “metallic” flavors you currently are detecting. The TN’s from this period of time may aid you in observing the sequela(e) of COVID, tracking its (hopefully) eventual diminishment.

It’s ok, you can say ‘Covid’. It’s not a 4-letter word. [cheers.gif]
Good to hear you made it through.

Thanks, guys. Getting quickly back in form.

On to the burgs tonight — a 2002 F Magnien charmes chambertin with a chicken and shiitake casserole. As I swirl it in the decanter, I wonder if the annoying metallic has simply been overwhelmed by new wood? :slight_smile:

[rofl.gif] Glad you are feeling better Kelly!