Possible SF OL - Sept 20 or Sept 21st?

I’ll be heading up north, doing tastings at K&L in SF on Thursday, Sept 20th and their Redwood City location on Friday, Sept. 21st. Wondering if anyone may be available or want to get together for a smaller offline. Focus TBD depending upon the interest of those attending.

Let me know - it’d be great to ‘break bread’ with more WB folks champagne.gif [cheers.gif] flirtysmile


Larry maybe lunch while you are in RWC. Hopefully you are open to going to another town though.

I’m up for a RWC dinner

Myself as well…

It sounds like that Fri night may work in the Redwood City area after the tasting . . .

Anyone want to take the lead and suggest some places in the area that are BYO friendly?

I’m all ears . . .


That is a virtual impossibility. Everywhere is bookded solid on Friday night, particularly in the downtown area. As suggested to another person, the best bet on a Fri will be to grab a Chinese joint where you can usually get $5 to $10 corkage.

I could check on the south San Mateo sushi spot that has a private room, but it’d necessitate having something like 8 people attending, with a minimum all-in spend of $80/person with tax and tip included

I’d be interested :slight_smile:

I’m all ears, folks - and open to any and all suggestions.


Is this happening?

I’ve had a hellacious week for a variety of reasons and totally lost track of this. I’m headed to KL for tasting tommorow and am game for dinner if anyone is interested.


What’s at KL?

Larry has a Tecero tasting this afternoon from 5-6:30 PM at K&L in Redwood City. He was at K&L SF Yesterday


I’m certainly still available to get together with folks after the tasting this evening if you’d like. Because I did not hear from anyone, though, have not brought up any special bottles to share. Let me know if you’re still interested in I’ll check in on this ride later today. Cheers.

I’ll do my best to make the tasting. Been wanting to try the rose. Dinner would likely be tough but I’ll let you guys know if that changes.

Larry I’ll miss you this time. Have fun guys!

Awesome hanging with you last night, my friend! And thanks for the wines as well! Cheers

Awesome meeting you last night, my friend. Hope the Mourvedre Rose lived up to your expectations - and hope you enjoyed the bonus pours, including my 2014 Grenache Blanc - and the homemade bread as well [cheers.gif]