Portsmouth NH

Heading there soon for a family wedding. Any advice?

Also, if you have time to yourself, NH is a small state. Franconia Notch is a good place to hike. Ditto, Washington Mountain. You can also take a day trip drive up the coast of Maine.

Awesome, thanks. I think we’re only going to have a day/day and half to ourselves so we’ll have limited time. We’ll check out Black Trumpet though.

+1 on BT, at least as of 3 1/2 yrs ago (haven’t been back since)

Made it to Portsmouth last night. Had a nightcap at the Black Trumpet. Great staff. They gave us lots of local info. We have dinner reservations there tonight. We never would have found the place without this forum. Thank you!

If you like beer go visit Smuttynose. Great people, great beer.

We tried Earth Eagle brewing. They make gruits. We had an elderberry wormwood that was excellent.

Recap on Portsmouth.

  • Black Trumpet
  • Earth Eagle Brewing
  • Colby’s
  • Lil’s
  • Ale House Inn
  • Portsmouth Brewing, the only real meh of the trip.