Portland wineries, wine bars?

Traveling to Portland on business, not too far from PDX. Will not have a rental car. Interested in recommendations for wineries/tasting rooms, as well as wine bars and wine-centric eating establishments. Thanks for any recommendations.

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If you have ample free time, drive to McMinnville and check out HiFi Wine Bar


Teutonic is a quality winery in town.

Went to Portland Bottle Shop with a small group last time I was up there. Diverse selection. Quality Americana food. Having a bottle there was something like 10 bucks over retail (don’t quote me). Plenty of fun choices. I was pressed to play wine guy and picked two of our three choices, a favorite Carricante and an Etna Rosso. Tempting was a Susumanuelo. I’m sure I’d be going there regularly if I lived there.

I was able to easily arrange a tasting with Seth Morgen Long in Portland.

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Les Caves and Oregon Wines on Broadway are two of the best wine bars. OK Omens (wine bar/restaurant) has an excellent Riesling selection if that is up your alley. Enoteca Nostrana is Nostrana’s wine bar and much easier to get into.

If you are in from Thursday-Saturday, Cru&Domaine is a great store that has wines being poured. Flor wines in the Pearl will have wines open on the weekends as well when you shop and are run by the Le Pigeon/Canard team and do a great job.

You can likely take a Lyft down to Mac to go to Hi-Fi, but I can’t garuntee you easily finding one to get back to PDX.

My brain is a little fried and tired atm, but that should at least get you started

Bow & Arrow is located in Portland. And Scott and his wife have a wine bar called Bar Norman.

Oregon Wines on Broadway is solid. Not just saying that because they are the only place in Oregon that pours my wine outside of our tasting room. :wink: :wink:

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Quite liked Division Wines when I was there—can buy any bottle in the shop and have it in the wine bar.

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We visited Fullerton Wines in Portland in July-ended up joining their club. We always stop at Oregon Wines on Broadway-try to sit at the bar. They seem to have a lot of knowledgeable locals.