Portland, OR

I’ll captain this thread. It will be easy because BYO is the standard here to the point of being encouraged in many instances. [snort.gif]

Toro Bravo. $10.

Nostrana $20
Carafe $10 (?), often waived if you share with the server/kitchen

I think it’s $15 now, but we’ve NEVER paid it. The way they explained the policy at one point, if the wine’s interesting/educational for the staff, they’ll waive it. And really, their list is well chosen and fairly priced, so we only BYO if we have something special in mind. Carafe is by far our favorite place for BYO.

$20 at Alba Osteria, but same deal-- we once went with a small group of winos and opened 10 bottles. We ordered one bottle off the list and offered tastes of anything or everything. They didn’t charge us a penny for corkage.

$18 at Castagna. They have a very well selected list, but the bottles are always, always warmer than they should be.

$20 at Andina. We shared a fairly nice wine, but they didn’t waive corkage.

$15 at Typhoon. Typhoon is a small chain of Thai restaurants in the Northwest. There are more authentic local options, but Typhoon is my favorite place to take an old bottle of Riesling.

When I go to Portland, I refuse to eat or sleep in anyplace that did not used to be an Elementary School. [snort.gif]

That leaves you exactly one option, but you could stay in the same company’s first hotel property, the former Multnomah County Poor Farm. There are 5 bars I can count and a golf course.

Last year, I offered our server at Nostrana a pour of the Pinot Noir that I had brought and was told that it is illegal in Oregon for servers to accept tastes of wine from customers.

According to the OR Liquor Control Commission, it is technically illegal for a server to drink while working their shift. You are only allowed to drink after you are off the clock, and only if your establishment is still open and serving the general public. Thus, no shift beers after the restaurant is closed. That being said, a lot of servers obviously will have a taste, or taste and spit etc. Working in a tasting room in the Valley, I have to taste the wines. I typically spit though when I do taste. The OLCC can’t be everywhere at all times, and typically won’t aggressively go after these kind of offenses. I always offer my server/somm./chef some of the wine I bring, as well as usually ordering a round of cocktails, bottle of white, or 1/2 of champagne as well, and rarely pay corkage. I think it also depends on the establishment. I offered a server at the local beer hall that takes great care of us some of a bottle of wine that I had brought with me from work, and she wouldn’t take it for fear of the OLCC. After I thought about it, I realized that they would be watching a place like that more stringently than a fine dining joint. [cheers.gif]

Regardless of whether this is technically true or not, please report it to Julie Hunter (jupa@carafebistro.com). She’d be appalled.

In the several years they’ve been open, I’ve ALWAYS shared with the staff and I’ve NEVER paid corkage. The only reason I didn’t say it was a policy was to not raise expectations because I am friends with the owners, though it was clearly communicated to me that it was policy when Julie and Pascal opened.

Oba - $15 corkage

More importantly however, their entire regular list (with the exception of the Captains list) is 50% off on Sunday & Monday nights. This includes a 2003 Ridge Montebello, Turley Zins, 2004 Cayuse, Beaux Freres, Delille Doyenne Syrah, Dusky Goose Pinot, Flor de Pingus Ribera del Duero, a beautiful bottle of priorat (2003 Rottlan Torra Tirant) etc 200+ bottle list.

P.S. I should also mention that I work a couple nights here every week, and would love for some forum members here to come in to chat it up. While I can’t speak for every server, there are plenty of us there who follow Carafe’s policies towards corkage when tastes are offered.

p.s. Wine list on the website is not current. The above wines are all on list now, and in my opinion the list is stronger than that which is posted anyway.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Swagat, and Indian place on NW 21st charged only $5 for corkage.

Laurelhurst Market $15

Limo, the Peruvian place on NW 23rd charges $0 for corkage on Oregon wine, $5/person for all others. Their ceviche was great, everything else was average or uninspired.

Zydeco in Bend, OR is my favorite restaurant in the high desert, and they also waive corkage for any Oregon, Washington or Idaho (!?) wine.

My wife and I are Portland bound in December. I’d like to take her out to a nice dinner one night. Last time I was in town, I ate at Higgins. (sp) If this restaurant is on a corner, that that’s it. Now that you know the style of restaurant I’m interested in, can someone suggest a place. It would help if we could hear ourselves speak.

Check out Paley’s Place. Higgins was my favorite, now this is. Reservations well in advance.

Thanks Eric. Reservations made. FYI, corkage is $20.

Paley’s is a slam dunk choice.

You can join us Saturday night. Please bring your credit card. neener

Dick’s Kitchen on NW 21st. Burger joint with local ingredients (I had the elk burger special, it was very good). Wine list is virtually non-existent, but corkage is $10. Atmosphere is kind of 50s diner meets contemporary hip.

Just a follow-up. Paley’s Place was great. We’d go back in a heartbeat. The neighborhood is great for walking around.
The following night we ate at The Heathman. The food/service/wine list was over the top. A very short walk from Pioneer Sq.