Porterhouse-style Pork Chops and Cauliflower with Burgundy

Tonight’s dinner was Beeler’s Farm Iowa center cut pork chops, seasoned with onion powder and orange peel, and pan-grilled inside since outside temperatures never rose above the mid-30sF. After turning I seasoned the chops with Herbes de Provence and a little thyme. Veggie was cauliflower boiled in water seasoned with fish sauce and nutmeg. Wine was a 1985 Domaine Maume Village Gevrey-Chambertin ‘En Pallud’ - cork fully saturated, fill a half inch below the capsule; rich dark cherry and cassis fruit, adequate acidity, with resolved tannins; with a medium long dark fruit finish. It was the most enjoyable "En Pallud’ we’ve had.

sounds delicious

We had a '99 Maume En Pallud in December. It was pretty young and I think you are drinking yours much closer to the right age, but that wine is really a 1er Cru in disguise.

Had a fantastic 2005 Maume Bourgogne a couple months back as well.

I remember reading 10 to 15 years ago that En Pallud was a village wine. The bottle has no indication of 1er Cru status.

Maumes wine’s are very hard when young and require 15 - 30 years to become drinkable.

En Pallud could have been upgraded to 1er Cru since I read it was a village wine.

I believe Craig means that the wine is equal to a 1er Cru even though it is a village wine.

Marshall [cheers.gif]