Porter Road

anybody know this place?

I’ve ordered from them a couple times. Good quality and flavor, especially good for hard to find cuts (Denver Steaks, Picanha, Sierra Steak). Shipping is great, packaging is eco-friendly. I usually wait for sales (frozen items) or when I know I need a fair amount of meat to get free shipping (I’m cheap that way). Not at the level of a Flannery or what you might find at a local high end butcher, but a well run operation. AMEX sometimes has offers. The Memphis BBQ sausage is tasty (and spicy), Osso Bucco is generous.

I’d recommend if you live in food desert or are looking for some new cuts to try.

I ordered a few times from Porter Road.

Shipping was well done and the pricing was fine but the actual products were only OK. I can buy the equivalent locally and I thought Porter Road fell well short of Flannery, Pasture Bird, and other truly special sources.

I put in a fairly regular order with them for whole bavette and tri-tip. The Korean ribs were pretty good too. Orders over $100 ship free, then I freeze what i don’t eat. I think, may be wrong, when someone says they are not as good as Flannery, what they really mean is they aren’t doing the magic 30-40 day dry aging prime beef thing. I use them for butcher cuts, and like what they say about no hormones and pasture-raised.

I have the idea, possibly without justification, that when I started ordering from them a few years ago, they were fairly small, but have expanded quite a bit recently, with more farms supplying product. I am in the process of monitoring for change in quality. My last bavettes were less tender / more on the grass fed spectrum and not quite as beefy as on average, for instance. Customer service there the one time I had an issue completely exceeded expectations.

But there’s no substitute for Flannery for what they do well. (Although Katie forgot me on a custom request last week and now they are sold out! :slight_smile:)

Big fan of Porter Road and I have ordered from them a lot. Really like the sausages, bratwursts, hotdogs the most. Nothing but great experiences for me.

This is exactly what I meant when I made the comparison. The quality of the products are superb. If I was making bolognese, I would go with Porter Road over Flannery BerserkerBlend. If I was planning on an epic steak dinner, Flannery would get the nod. If I wanted to have a plate of mixed grilled sausages, picanha, and steak tips and open up a couple Malbecs I wouldn’t hesitate to use a selection of meats from Porter Road.

My comparison in this thread was not directly comparing product to product.

It was a “is this product profoundly good for what it is supposed to be?”. I just didn’t find the quality of any of what I got from Porter Road (Hot Dogs, Sausages, Ground Beef, Chicken) to be “special” versus convenient local purveyors of like meats.

Ok, good data point - I have never bought anything from them but beef (which originally I think was their main focus, at least online).

Edit: Last night we had the last half of the last whole bavette I had frozen…much better. As an experiment I marinated longer. What I’d been getting for years was looser, for lack of a better description, and would take a marinade quickly, to the point of getting too much if left over an hour. But like I say this batch had more of a grassfed consistency with less fat, so the extra time was really needed.

Found them a few months ago. Ordered pork tenderloin, pretty tasty… boneless leg of lamb, went for it because it was domestic and was hoping for a little more flavor but they advertise it as mild and not gamy so they are spot on in their description, nice cut of meat but it was a little bland for us…ordered the little 3 pound uncured skin off pork belly for my first batch of homemade bacon, bingo we have a winner!..the chicken legs were meh.

We use porter road for harder to find cuts. The prices are great as is the customer service. The beef cheeks in particular are wonderful in barbacoa. Cheeks are notoriously difficult to butcher at home but Porter Road’s come perfect and ready to cook.