Poolside sipper QPR alert! TN: 2021 Domaine des Cassagnoles - Côtes de Gascogne (France, Southwest France, Gascony, Côtes de Gascogne)

2021 Domaine des Cassagnoles Côtes de Gascogne - France, Southwest France, Gascony, Côtes de Gascogne (8/10/2023)
– tasted non-blind –

NOSE: bright; smells of Sauv. Blanc — bright, green/pyrazine, and light gooseberry, but it’s Gros Manseng.

BODY: light body; nearly colorless, but with a shade of yellow.

TASTE: 11.5% alc. is not noticeable; bright; “green”; nice acidity. Wonderful sub-$20 QPR, and it can be found closer to $10 in some locations.

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Côtes de Gascogne are one of my daily drinkers - always fun, refreshing and value for money. No real differences between producers nor vintages. Tariquet was the pioneer, converting vines used for Armagnac to great effect - now there are countless others, all very enjoyable. Definitely a poolside fave!

Domaine des Cassagnoles Gros Manseng Côtes de Gascogne Reserve Selection was one of our favorites but have not found it locally lately. gGreat wine at a good price.

Was buying Tariquet years ago, and not quite sure why I stopped. Surprised there’s no Cotes de Gascogne at K&L, but found a few bottles at another local store.

Checked CT, and last bottle of Tariquet was consumed in 2013- paid $8. (Isn’t CT great!)

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Haven’t seen it in the DC area for a long while. A former House Wine in the humid summer months.

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Not all Gascigne are created equally so you have to get a good one and Cassagnoles is a very good one, Estate Bottled (not common). And for David in DC just go to the Weygandt store there as Peter has imported this wine for like 30 years.