Pommery Green Peppercorn Mustard......

I’ve been looking around for this locally and it doesn’t seem to exist.
Online Amazon and another web retailer called The Frenchy Bee seem to have the best price.

Anywhere else I should be looking?


Beldar just found some in France!

I start a nice thread like this and I get Wood?



Mark; Try “Surfas” in Culver City…I thought I saw some there last month. http://www.culinarydistrict.com/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;


Mark; It is a good website but not very complete…try phoning the actual Surfas in Culver City as I saw various mustards on the shelf which are not listed on the website.

Checked it out Marshall.
Apparently though, the Frenchy Bee website does have the best price out there.

http://www.thefrenchybee.com/pommery-green-peppercorn-mustard-in-crock-jar-88-oz-p-102.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

I always thought a bigger crock was available though.
Haven’t had this stuff in a while. I’m looking forward to using it again.

Thanks Mark; Added that website to my favorites. Surfas is a quick ride from my house and their website shows only a tiny % of what is actually there. I think the large majority of their business is actual walk in customers.
Hope all is well!


5 kg bucket big enough?

Available from:

Les Assaisonnements Briards
ZA des Bordes Rouges
5 avenue Louise Michel
77100 Nanteuil-lès-Meaux

Téléphone : (33) –
Fax : (33) –
E-mail : infos@moutarde-de-meaux.com

Hope that helps. [grin.gif]

French Feast - http://www.frenchfeast.com/index.htm - has a slightly lower price than Frenchy Bee ($11.20 vs. $12.60) and a flat $9.00 shipping fee for “one item or 100.”

Thanks Bob.
I had ordered two 8 oz. crocks from Frenchy Bee. Their flat rate is $5.00 Depending on how fast we go through this (Stacey has never had Poivre Verte Dijon before and it may well become an obsession) I might need to go to the larger format. Liked the service from Frenchy Bee though and price/performance marks are high.

Thanks for the link. I had been getting it from the French Feast and ordering 3 crocks at a time. Yours is a better deal when you take into account the $5 shipping. I use most of it for a wet rub for racks of lamb and pork tenderloins. Also nice on a smoked duck breast sandwich with Tomme du Levezou and shaved fennel on olive bread.

It really is a necessary condiment for sandwiches.