Poe Wines - 20% discount

Poe Wines

Many of you had the opportunity to try Poe Wines at Falltacular this year - now’s your chance to order them with a 20% discount

From Poe Wines’ own Sam Sheehan "My website isn’t setup to accept discount codes, but, if wineberserkers go onto my website, load their carts and follow the regular purchase process, and in the last screen type “wineberserker day 20% discount”, I will go in and manually discount their purchase. Their card won’t be charged until after I run it with the discount. If anyone has a problem they can email me at sam@poewines.com

The link to my order page is http://poewines.com/store
My website is www.poewines.com "

Who had this at Falltacular? Notes please!

Get it. I am buying mine tomorrow from Sam when she is down here. I am speaking about the Pinot, as this is what I tasted during Falltac. Nice mix of new world but the frame of the wine is measured and there is red fruits and acid. The bit of oak laid over the wine some but my god, this is a 2010. This was my recall.

I enjoyed it as well. I was very pleased with my last purchase

aaand my 5th order of the day.

If you are Berserker #7, you need to run harder at this stuff man and rep-ree-zent. Charge it, baby.

Don’t you know? This is like giving the number of people you’ve slept with. Clearly it’s higher, but I’d sound like a slut if I gave the real number. Five is at least respectable. [cheers.gif]

I had this last week and really liked it. Gave it 92 points. It needs 2-3 hours of air for sure. So does the Chard. Very cool label, too.

Thanks. I ordered a set of these without any prior experience with Poe (power of this board) but due to weather, I asked Sam to postpone shipping.
Anderson Valley - Philo - Pacific ocean breeze - Sam Sheehan … I am thinking light and elegant. Maybe some whole clusters offering up some floral notes.
Roy - what say you?