Poblano Ranch dressing

While visiting family in Norther California, I came across this Poblano Ranch dressing from the Raley’s store chain. It includes, among other things, roasted poblanos and jalapenos. There’s enough heat to give it a kick, but not so much as to burn your mouth or drown out the other flavors–a really good balance. It works very well as an alternative to standard ranch dressing on salad, and would probably do well in other uses (e.g., a ranch dressing dip for veggies, etc.). I see that Private Selection (the Ralphs store brand) makes Fire Roasted Poblano Ranch dressing with similar ingredients–I don’t know if it’s basically the same or if it’s much different.

Anyway, I really like this Poblano Ranch dressing from the Raley’s chain and will get more down the line…