Pobega de Red Newt BD14 Riesling

Decided to Pobega this bottling because I believe it’s the entry level in their BD14 Resiling 6-pack.

Opened the box, put it in the fridge around 4 hours and PNP.

2013 Red Newt Cellars Riesling Dry Reserve - USA, New York, Finger Lakes, Seneca Lake (3/17/2023)
Powerful aromatics upon popping the cork. Medium yellow color.

Tons of diesel and rocks and some petrichor on the nose. Bone dry. Notes of lime-adjacent citrus on the attack with some rubber. Noticeably acidic taste profile but barely any salivary response from the tongue. Almost empty midpalate. I can feel that the finish wants to be long but has little to hang on to.

I’m going to give this some time open to see how it pans out. Maybe check in later tonight, tomorrow and Sunday. Withholding judgement for now.


We were quite pleased last year with some of the basic bottlings that a friend brought back from a visit. It compared very favorably with some dry Germans. Hopefully yours finds its way out of hiding!

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