Plumpjack buys Ladera

Pretty shocked now one posted this previously.

I don’t see much made about Ladera on this board. I used to really like their Howell Mountain Cab when I was first getting into wine. Its been years since I’ve had one.

I’ve always loved Ladera wines. They do a great tour and tasting.

Pat and Anne Stotesbery are great people too. I know they have stepped away from the winery somewhat and let their kids run it. At least that’s my perception. Maybe that’s what drove the sale? Karen Culler was their wine maker. Not sure if she still is.

I figured there would be more interest in this since the Plumpjack group took it over. They must be trying to make CADE in to a monster.

I love the grounds at Ladera, just a great vineyard and winery. I was never bowled over, but they were always solid.

I thought the base cab at $25 was a great QPR, and the 2005 Lone Canyon I had about a year ago made me go back for more.

Technically they just bought the estate - the family is keeping the brand name. Interesting…

They’ll do what they did when Conover bought Steltzner and turned it into Odette, fix the farming and triple the price. No more land to plant in Howell Mountain

Yeah, no way they keep the Ladera pricing - Cade/Plumpjack/Odette price high…


Karen Culler? I believe she has stepped away from most of her projects. I saw her a couple years ago at Kick Ranch. Pat and Anne were great stewards of Ladera.

I’m a member at Odette/PJ/CADE, and I feel their regular bottles are reasonably priced.

Its the Riserva price point for Odette and PlumpJack that gets me a bit. $300/per is Scarecrow/FUTO/ almost Hundred Acre level.
My jury is still out on the relative QPR compared to those…

Owned, in part, by the next governor of CA.

gordon getty?