PLEASE NOTE: Forum will be closed May 15

Hey folks!

We’ve got SO many offers on here, and I know literally hundreds and hundreds of cases of wine have been purchased via this forum, hopefully helping out many of our friends during this horrific time.

I’ve decided to close up the forum on May 15 for a number of reasons: 1) the ‘mad rush’ is long since over, with trickling of offers and fewer posts and views. 2) retailers have figured out ways of selling, and likely the need to re-supply, so distribution channels are opening up. 3) We’ve entered at least a minor mode change in our country with opening up of some businesses, with guidelines and rules, so the slow-but-steady rollout to the ‘new reality’ has begun.

This has been an incredible treat for me to see, the outpouring of response to the offers, and the private messages I’ve received from many a winery owner who has shared just how meaningful and significant this has been for them.

Of course, I may choose to re-open it, if we again find ourselves stuck in a heavy quarantine mode, but for now, to keep things more ‘normal’ here, and to preserve the magic of BerserkerDay, I’m going to close it on May 15

By closing it, I will lock the forum, but that means you can still order from the offers posted, and I won’t hide the forum until probably end of May, perhaps later. You just won’t be able to post new offers or comment on existing offers.

Thanks to ALL who helped out!!

Thanks Todd for allowing this forum…I’m sure it ended-up being a huge success for both the winemakers and the members of the board, so a win/win for everyone.

To all of the winemakers who have participated, it looks like you have until May 15th to update your offers, so if you need to move some Vino, now is the time to do it!

I’m new here, but I work as an inpatient physician at a COVID heavy hospital. My opinion may not matter, but I think the forum is a great way to keep the industry and interested public informed and keep deals moving particularly for smaller manufacturers trying to stay afloat. They may not have many other avenues to introduce their product to individuals now. I suspect that’s going to go on far past May 15th. I agree with the “magic” of BerserkerDay deals, but maybe call it something else and allow smaller makers to advertise to this population. It will be better for all of us in the long run. I found two makers here that I’m excited about. Also, I live in PA and they are too dumb to be able to sell anything right now and I think for the foreseeable future (maybe 2 more months honestly). Anyhow, just my two cents. Lock BerserkerDay but open up something under a different name.

Every time I’ve ordered from a Berserker day business I’ve been added to their mailing list. I understand why Todd feels this way, but the need will still be there for these and other businesses. I’ve been getting these offers for a few months now.

Maybe everyone should just sign up to their mailing lists and also to any others that they’re interested in. I know some Willamette Valley wineries have gotten together to offer deals in a central website, and many have a portion of the money going to support local businesses. I also get that it’s easier to just come to a dedicated forum than to be inundated with emails daily.

Of course it’s good to see what everyone is buying, but there are other forums and threads to discuss those.

I’ve been buying more through this forum than I did on BD11. I’m also consuming more since I’m not driving anywhere.

I’m almost at the end of spring shipping season, so I was trying to buy before that window closes.

After listening to Morgan from Bedrock on the Zoom last night, I’d have to agree. He said his restaurant business is down, but his Berserker business from the recent offering was fantastic.

Todd, my Chase credit card thanks you.

David and Sheila, thank you. As I said, I’m open to reconsideration. Closing on the 15th is the plan as of now, and if we remain in lockdown for longer, I’ll definitely take another look!

I’m preparing my offers now for the 2nd wave.

This was such an awesome forum. I definitely bought more on the quarintine forum than on BD, and had the opportunity to sample so many more producers with the opportunity to go back for more after tasting them. Made higher quantity purchases less risky. And so glad it provided much needed cash flow to folks who really needed it.

Thank you for allowing us at Majuscule Wine to be part of this forum. We released our first two wines in early February and then all of our tasting events got cancelled due to the stay-at-home orders. I never imagined launching our business during a pandemic, but the forum has been a great way to get some exposure and sales. We really appreciate it!

Please join our e-mail list so we can keep you informed of offers and new releases:

Hope that The Todd reconsiders not closing this forum and all the offers that go along with it.



I would echo Morgan’s sentiments. Portland restaurants were a very big part of our wine sales. Particularly since we are able to deliver directly.

This forum has been a huge help from both “keep the lights on” aspect, and also being able to introduce the wines to quite a few people based upon other posters positive comments.

Thanks very much to everyone, and to Todd for the opportunity.

Yep. Without WB this would have been a launch mired in despair and destitution, instead I got rewarded with hope and a glimmer of light! Thank you! [worship.gif]

Todd - thanks so much for this forum! There has been wonderful feedback and sold some wine :wink:.


So, is this closure a done deal?
Boo, if it is.

Not sure yet, happy to hear from others to the contrary, but remember that if I close it, that doesn’t mean the offers go away right away, I just lock it to new offers/posts for a while

If this forum does continue at least another week, I have another offer. It will be ready to post Monday.
The orders generated from this forum have saved my Q2, although I have a ways to go. Thank you dto all who ordered.

Forum is locked (for the time being). Heat is starting to shut down shipping windows, but if need be, I can re-open it up.

Thanks to everyone who posted, and purchased - I think a lot of tiny businesses were helped!