Please Make it Stop . . . .

I finally had a Red that was aged in a bourbon barrel. Was not impressed, but it wasn’t as weird as I thought it might be.

I had one as well - and I get the marketing behind this. If beer and spirits can do this, why can’t we?

Well, I’ve not been overly blown away with things like Scotch aged in wine barrels, either.

I’m sure this will sell - it just does not work for me. Perhaps I’m just too old school???


A local maple syrup maker uses bourbon barrels and it’s delicious … but wine? no thanks!

Those guys from Indiana? Good stuff. Had their maple syrup with infused bacon?

Mmmm… Chardonnay with infused bacon.

Considering some of the values I like most in a chardonnay are good acidity and transparency of fruit and mineral, I think I would absolute hate this.

Well - we already have syrahs that have ‘bacon notes’ - why not chardonnays? THAT I would at least try! [snort.gif]

Can you make an Old Fashioned with Chardonnay aged in a bourbon barrel?

That seems weird and pointless since maple syrup is cooked, caramelizing sugars in the process, and bourbon’s dominant flavor is caramel. It seems like the syrup would overwhelm any flavors from the barrel.

Mondavi sure knows how to market and sell.

I assume they borrowed the idea from the Kentucky bourbon barrel aged ales? Not my thing, but seems like something someone was going to do.

There is already coffee and chocolate flavored wine. Can pumpkin wine be far away. Jalapeño? Do they already exist?

P Hickner

A quick Google search answers in the affirmative. Blech!

P Hickner

It’s totally gimmicky. My restaurant carries a red blend that has been aged in bourbon barrels. I don’t believe it was for very long though, cause the wine isn’t terribly changed by it. Not my thing personally but there are people who buy it.

White wine though? Yuck! Why? Maybe if it was Madeira or sherry.

Rombauer chardonnay is aged in popcorn kettles.

Not always. Usually there’s reverse osmosis as well to reduce it before “cooking” to save on fuel.

Jacob’s creek have been doing it since 2014

I’ve spoken with people who have had the Mondavi Bourbon-barrel Cab and liked it. Haven’t seen the Chard surface yet. Is this sacrilege or just something like when screwcaps were first used on better wives???


And the reverse. Considering that some of the things I despise most are inserting cheap marketing ploys into craft, “creative ideas” from people who only give a shit about their bank account, coca-cola black, and Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull…makes me also think I would really hate this.

Not sure if wives is intentional…but that’s absolutely hilarious.