Please Help me Navigate this Massive Wine List -- Roscioli Restaurant in Rome

My wife and I will be dining at this place very soon, and I need to email the restaurant in advance with our wine selections. This list is massive, and Italian wines are not my strength. I will likely spend hours poring over the list the next couple of days, but I thought I would draw on the expertise of others here: if anyone has the time/interest in looking through even a part of this list and giving suggestions, I’d be greatly appreciative. Max per bottle spend is probably about 125 euro, and would prefer to keep it far under that, really. TIA for any help anyone can offer. [cheers.gif]

  • Brian

The wine list:

prefer more rustic/old-world selections, but am open to anything.

B–I sent the list to a friend of mine who collects lots of Italian wine. I’ll see what he says and then contact you.

03 Mascarello Monprivato at 1st blush.

Out of the non-Italian selections :O)… A wee bit more that that 125 number: '08 Roulot Meursault Perrieres for 140. Maybe some Pascal Cotat Sancerre La Grande Cote '09 or '10? '07 Rayas for 150? '10 Brunel Cailloux CDP blanc for 38? A huge splurge - '60 or '66 Vega Sicilia Unico?

Thanks, Scott. [cheers.gif]

Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I’m only on page 27 so far {sigh} …

I ate at Roscioli twice last May durinmg a short stay with my wife, and their list is amazing. We ordered a Chardonnay from Alto Aldige one night because we were eating fish tartare, and the second night, we had a mindblowingly good Cesanese from Lazio. The sommelier is a pro and he helped us pick the right wines with the food and he did not push for anything expensive.

These two meals were our best during our stay and you will love Roscioli.

If you can, you should have Pizza one day at their Fornaio right across the street. Fresh out of the oven whatever they feel like making. Potato Salsicce was awesome, as was Zuc blossoms and anchovies.

So, did you not call at least 24 hours in advance to inquire about wine availability and pricing (as indicated on their wine list)?

Nope. My wife and I walked in for dinner at 7pm on the first night and made a reservation for two nights later for the same time. Both nights, I just ordered from the list. The food is the star in this place and even less expensive stuff can absolutely make for an insanely good experience.

Based on Steffen’s and others’ reco we ate at Roscioli. It’s a great wine list with many choices under 125 euro. In a sweet spot for red wine type of food is the 06 Montevertine Le Pergole Torte at 78 euro. It’s all Sangio and is really special. Check out the Cellartracker reviews. As long as they decant the wine you should be quite pleased. The other Montervertine wines would be additional possibilities.

If you really want to drop some $$$$ they have some reserve wines downstairs in their cellar that weren’t on the wine list. At our dinner the couple next to us ordered a DRC. As they were carrying it out the entire area basically stopped talking to watch. Fun times! [cheers.gif] The burrata is the stuff.

Just as a quick idea for how cheap good wine is in Italy…I don’t think either bottle I bought was even close to €20 off the list…and I loved both. The food ain’t cheap, especially at current exchange rates, but it is 100% worth it.

I am green with envy :slight_smile:

My wife and I are both very excited about it — the pics on their website of all the cured meats has me salivating! Thank you for the food suggestions, too.

Here’s my current list of reds I might ask about, if I feel the need to do so:
Lagreins Taber ’09 Cantina Produttori di Bolzano – 40
Refosco ’09 Ronc di Vico – 55 (is this the “Titut Ros” designation?)
Refosco ’07 Ronchi di Cialla – 44
Barolo ’03 Monprivato Giuseppe Mascarello di Monchieero – 80
Boca ’89 Castello Conti (Gattinara) – 48
2008 Foradori Teroldego – 28
06 Montevertine Le Pergole Torte – 78 euro

The idea of trying an '89 Gattinara at less than 50 euro is very appealing to me, but I’ll just have to wait and see what food we order.


I personally would advise agianst the Monprivato. While the price is certainly amazing, I have to say that I have been more than underwhelmed by 2003 Barolo. Many wines I have had from the vintage have been very hollow on the mid-palate. I also think that the food will mostly be tough to pair with Barolo, but I could be wrong.

Lagrein is always a good choice as long as the food is meat, game, and fowl.

Beyond that, I suggest looking at the white list since more of the food than you might think will invite for a white wine pairing.

But you really can’t go wrong. Enjoy Roscioli!

I have a couple whites I have my eyes on, too. The Gravners, in particular, caught my attention — I’ve never tried one, and the pricing on them seems reasonable. I imagine we’ll order one white and one red.

Thanks for your input, Steffen. [cheers.gif]

If you are looking for something white or sparkling, the Prosecco selection is pretty nice IMO. While it is only four deep, all are very good and deliver well above the price. My personal choices would be the Bisol or the Bellenda Cartizze. The Bellenda is sweeter in style and the Bisol is a restaurant cuvee, but I love just about everything Bisol makes. The best part is that all the Prosecco offerings are below 26 Euros and my personal choice the Bisol is only 16 Euros. They won’t be super complex, but they will be tasty, pleasing, set the mood, and make you smile - if you want something with bubbles.

Thanks for the info, Brad. We might do some bubbles instead of a white; or, at “only 16 euros, honey!”, I may be able to convince my wife that we should order a bottle of bubbles, a white, and a red! [grin.gif] [cheers.gif]

I had a bottle of this and the 1990 recently, and was really impressed. A very elegant, floral Nebbiolo that is at perfect maturity.

Good to know. Thanks for letting me know, Jon. [cheers.gif]


I’d almost throw a dart. The prices are great, unless you are buying the ballets like Gaja or Giacosa. I would end up taking a flyer on the 2000 Fiano or the 71 Fontanafredda Barolo knowing that if they don’t work out I could get a Rosso di Montalcino, Cannonau or Chianti for very little. Looks cool.

Good price on the 05 Coche Casse Tete.