Please don't ship me wine via FedEx

From this point onward, I will be advising anyone I purchase wine from not to send it via FedEx. Just had my last bad experience with them. Had issues with most of them over the years but I can’t remember a single time that I didn’t have trouble with FedEx. Am I alone? Or is this their standard?

FedEx is the pits for me. Of course others hate UPS.

The only times I have had damaged shipments or lost shipments it was FedEx. The pickup options suck for me compared to the UPS depot.

I hate FedEx.

I’ve had occasional problems with both, but I do like that Fedex will let you redirect a shipment to a local Fedex store at no charge.

I’ve never had issues with either, strangely enough, with wine. I did have an issue with UPS who destroyed a styro container delivered to my office, but they only fought me until they saw a picture of the 2/3ds of the container they ended up delivering

FedEx store is my only redirect option. Problem is the nearest one is a 30 minute drive and $10 to park!

i’m the opposite… UPS is 30 mins away and Fedex is near my house.
Fedex i can redirect immediately… easy peasy… UPS charges $5 or u gotta wait for 1 failed attempt (and then it’s still 30 mins away each direction)…

No issues with them so you have bad drivers.

The FedEx office one mile away beats driving 30 minutes to an out of the way UPS hub.

The UPS Store is my best option and no issues with either FedEx or UPS.

FedEx is much easier and has a better track record for me. Easy redirect, close locations for holds.

It’s not the driver. The company prescribed options suck.

Due to those options I have now dropped one winery I really love, and will be dropping two more in the spring. It’s just not worth the aggravation, so when forced to consider culling lists it makes it easier.

Fed Ex for me in Miami. Direct to their office 1/2 mile away, early delivery there & not being driven around all day in the BIG BROWN OVEN !!


Yes, I have the thoroughly uninteresting issue of never having had any poor experiences with either of them. The rerouting of FedEx deliveries is marginally more convenient for me and I find it mildly irritating that UPS won’t let me reroute to “Hold at Will Call” a package that I initially have going to a business address, but on the whole…a coin flip of indifference. Sorry you’ve had poor experiences.

My current preferred carrier is GSO. Our UPS service has been very good… so far.

No comment…

I have never had issues with either. Crossing my fingers since I have a ton of wine being delivered in the next month or so.

The only one that seems to work well for my work place is UPS. But it used to be fedex. GSO has also fallen way down.
Btw UPS now has reasonable over night delivery within CA.

UPS for me. Fed Ex is delivered by hired drivers who do not always want to deliver … so they just say that our office was closed and come back another day.

Never any damage with either.

Op- what is the nature of your issues? I personally find Fedex to be world’s easier to work with than UPS & that isn’t just limited to beverage shipping.

FWIW if you live in Washington, D. C. or the Northern VA suburbs and buy out of NJ or NY it will literally be delivered the next day.