PLCB ahead of the curve? Wine Vending Machines.

“Pennsylvania, which has some of the most Byzantine liquor laws in the nation, recently introduced the country’s first wine “kiosks.” If the machines are successful in their test run inside two grocery stores, the state Liquor Control Board could place the high-tech alcohol automats in about 100 others.”

Peter — you must be kidding [rofl.gif]

This is a Bozo system. An emloyee of the PLCB watches each transaction via video and confirms the person buying the wine is actually the person who puts in their drivers license. And you need to take a breathilizer test. What if it detects a hint of gopher meat on the breath???

Just another dumb program from a bunch of clowns in Harrisburg trying to save a system which needs to go.


While I am not entirely sure Peter is serious, you should consider that he is from CA where wine is already available everywhere. Vending machines on top of that would just make it more ‘normal.’

Of course, as in the case in PA, these machines are definitely not substitutes for having a decent wine store in the neighborhood.

In Peter’s hood, you can get Shafer, Stag’s Leap, Tequila, and Firestone Beer at CVS!

I’d definitely go for it in an airport for wine in 375 ml bottles, (with a discrete, plain, unmarked brown bag.)

semi-commercial post + thread drift: The company mentioned has bought wine from me.


Today many American airports have Vino Volo. This is an airport chain of wine bars with food and wine, on premise or to go, past security. They have a surprisingly interesting selection of wines for sale, lots of somewhat geeky stuff, especially compared to the Constellation / Gallo seeming duopoly of airport restaurants.

Did you know that it is now legal to carry corkscrews on flights in the U.S. if they don’t have a foil cutter or something that could be considered a knife?

It is not legal to open your own beverage alcohol on a flight originating in the U.S. (or probably anywhere?).

Did you know that if cabin staff happen to come upon you opening or pouring something that did not come from on board, they tend to ostentatiously look the other way?

I’ve been drinking a whole lot better lately on airplanes. AFA international, I have no idea how the cork fell out of the Perez Cruz Reserve Carmenere I bought at the Santiago airport on my layover coming home from Argentina, but I’m here to tell you it was better than the entry level Chilean Cab LAN Chile had to offer.

Dan Kravitz


[rofl.gif] [rofl.gif] [rofl.gif]

Thanks for posting the cartoon Richard.

Wine — $10.00
Kiosks – Worthless
Cartoon – Priceless