All of the Dacalier library case deals are sold out, but we are still offering free shipping on any of our wines.

Dacalier Wine Company rebranded into Playwright Wines in 2014 and we still have a few cases of our first red and white blends - 2008 Dacalier De La Terre and 2009 Cote Du Soleil. Both wines have outlived their perceived drinking windows, which you can see by checking out CellarTracker tasting notes. Our rebrand is your discount. We are offering these wines, by the case from our Playwright Website.

2008 De La Terre $110/cs 27 cases SOLD OUT in 35 minutes
6 magnums available - 40$ ea.
Tasting notes courtesy of -

2009 Cote du Soleil $110/cs SOLD OUT

Use code WINEBERSERKER at check out to get free shipping in the continental US. FREE SHIPPING on all of our wines, today only![/b]

Small lot production Sonoma Coast Pinot, Howell Mtn Cabernet & Petite Sirah and Santa Lucia Highlands Riesling. Feel free to browse our new portfolio of wines under Playwright and Vin de Temps. You can use WINEBERSERKER to get free shipping on any wines that you purchase today.


Any questions? I can be reached at dave at playwrightwines dot com or on this thread.

At $9/bottle, thats hard to resist.

This is good wine at a simply amazing price - if I didn’t already have a case I’d go for a second …

Yeah, this should go very fast, and offers like this (and another I’m hoping to include) go VERY fast

On the site, I see the Cote de Soleil case offer, but not the De La Tarre. What am I missing?

Susan, When you are on the 2008 DLT page there is a pull down that offers you a choice of the magnums (6 left btw) or the case deal.


OK, ignore above, figured it out. Have to click on the '08 and then select “case” from the drop down menu.

Great deal. Thanks! Have been wanting to try Smig’s stuff for a while now.

If anyone in Chicago wants to split a case, PM me.

Oops, I cross-posted with you. I figured it out about the same time you posted and my order is placed. Thanks for clarifying, though. Much appreciated!

By the way, if you’d included free shipping on that 2009 Dacalier Deux Barriques case close-out, I probably would have jumped on that, too. As it was I was still sorely tempted. :slight_smile:

EDITED: Doh! Head slap. I see that you are offering free shipping on any case purchase today … Hmmm might have to go back and double dip.

Anyway Dave, thanks for making it easy to finally sample your stuff.

If anyone in Houston wants to split a case, PM me. :slight_smile:

I can’t find the offer as well

Click on the '08 De La Terre, it’ll show a magnum in the drop-down. Change it to full case.

I’m in for one - why not?

10 cases gone in 10 minutes. Thank you Berserkers!

Wow. I didn’t notice this last night in the preview. Too hard to resist at $9 per, so I bought a case of the '08.

I guess it’s on now. Yippee!

I just got me a case of the De La Terre!!!

Seriously, guys? Splitting a case that costs $110 SHIPPED? LOLOL

(I bought a case, and I’m so awesome, I’m not going to split mine)

^ Todd, it’s storage issues, not cost.

Hahahahahahahahaha - awesome.

Not a cost issue, it’s about storage space. Seriously, none. I have wine in a locker, wine in holding that I can’t get to because I have no room in my locker, wine in my fridge at home, wine in my wine fridge and wine in my spare bedroom.

I need help.

I just bit on a case of the De La Terre as well. Hopefully you are able to ship it out here to Nor’Easterland.