Pittsburgh Wine Gathering: gauging interest

Thinking of an offline in the next couple months, any ideas on venue? I was thinking 2000-2010 premier/grand cru burg could be a fun theme.

Are you familiar with PAWineTalk.com? Not much going on on the board but there does seem to be an active Pittsburgh OL group.

I might be interested in coming over from Columbus?

I checked it out and they do actually look pretty active; they have an event this weekend, which looks full but maybe I’ll crosspost.


We had an offline at the Carlton many moons ago, and I think the owner (Kevin Joyce?) allowed us to bring in wines free, or for a limited corkage fee.

I’ll bump this to plan something in the summer.

I could drive up there, set to get second shot this weekend.

I would be interested, but own no Burgundy

I think theme is less important; I mostly want to find people who are interested then we can figure out logistics.

I’m down. My parents still live there so I come up all the time.

I’m down in Morgantown (WV), which is only an hour (plus a little, depending on where in Pitt we meet) south. I’m interested.

Dave Hauser

I’m interested, but also have no Burgundy

I think it’d be fun to do a Napa/Bdx or domestic/burg theme, we can see what ppl are down for.

What time frame/date?

Not sure yet, maybe June July

Just let me know. I’m down, July works best. Not sure if there has been any thought to location, but Lorelei might be a good spot.

Yes keep us posted

Been vaccinated both shots

I would be interested. I do business in Pittsburgh.