Piper Pinot!!!


Can’t wait for Piper White! [dance-clap.gif]

He should do a JV with Charles Heidsieck to make bubbles! But what would they call it?

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Roy Piper fan.
Surprised he didn’t let us know.

Roy told me yesterday! Great news!

Roy also told me earlier in the week, I’m thrilled. He said the first vintage would probably only have 3 barrels, so get your request in early! I asked for a case and he said 3 bottles was more realistic!

Glad this is happening for Roy. Seems like a great guy who is always happy to share his knowledge and passion for wine- and not just his.

Good for Roy. Hopefully we’ll see a video soon with some details.

Video came out today…

Thanks! I’ve been wanting to scratch this itch for 17 years. I almost worked for Joe Davis in 2004 and then almost became the first outside employee at Kosta Browne in 2005, before going all-in on Napa. Picking next week. Will be heavily influenced by Arcadian and Occidental Cellars, stylistically, on this one. Will be under 14% for sure and max of 1/3 new oak. I like a wide swath of Pinot styles but it’s already mid-September and it’s only 21.9 brix there, which I love. I need to get off before we start-in on Cab the 27th. Wanna go where nature directs me on this Pinot. Different than Cabernet, which by it’s nature is “sculpted.” I plan no temperature control on the ferments. Gonna be a long learning curve for sure, but it should be a lot of fun too.


Roy, what price point are you looking at for the Pinot

Actually, no idea. Probably in the range of most high-quality S&B Pinots out there. Chanin, Tyler, Deovlet, Lutum and a few others are in the $65 range so likely about that. Depends on quality.

Dear Roy, if you haven’t already I’d recommend listening to the roumier interview from Levi dalton. Roomier goes into detail on what he does and with dalton providing info from other burgundy people it really sounded like some great education on how roumier makes such amazing Pinot.

The most underrated pinot and chardonnay vineyard in the state IMO.

I predict Roy’s wine will be amazing for 2 primary reasons.

  1. His palate (which is amazing)
  2. His work ethic (see above)

Although S&B tends to deliver on most Pinots I drink. I definitely look for that name from most producers.