Pinot Noir

Pinot Pick 2017.jpg
Picking Pinot Noir Grapes from the Yorkville Highlands of the Anderson Valley to begin the transformation from tasty grapes to pleasure in the bottle

My neck hurts from looking at those pictures.

The pickers are defying gravity.

Screen grabs from Sideways…the literal version.

Just uploaded upright pictures so your neck is spared.

Mid-sized car?

Are those pinot trees? wow!

Ha! Unless those workers are the most vertically challenged group of immigrant laborers, there’s gonna be trouble with DYFS soon.

Welcome to the Berserkers, Theodora! I hope you participate in the annual Berserker Day in January. I know folks here will appreciate your wines.

Carlisle is a big, big favorite on this board - so your story will intrigue many fans.

(PS - met you at the Spellman tasting in Philly)

She participated this year

Hope You Enjoyed the Philadelphia event

Hopeful wishes for you and yours in this stressful time, Theodora

Sure did – and the wine I ordered!

I forgot you posted during Berserker Day in January [thumbs-up.gif]